War is wrong bug


He beat us players with very low power,this is not right. What happend whit this game???l m tired to see that. Every day is coming something wrong…please resolve this


Hi Madafka, if I understand you correctly, you’re saying someone with a relatively weak defense won several matches in war?

There’s a couple of possible things going on here:

  1. The player may have a defense that’s somewhere between a little and a lot weaker than their average roster strength, for any number of reasons

  2. The player is most likely color stacking 3-2, 4-1 or 5-0, which usually allows one to beat significantly stronger teams

It is highly unlikely that there is a bug allowing your opponent to win.


I m tryn to say …how is possible beat me all opponents with low power? That game is cheating with us. You liked when l pay for anything stuff for better hero. But don t worry…no more money payng for nothing. The game is cheating and stole our money …for nothing


Raids are always in favor of the attacker. Always. You can’t see what team you were hit with. It probably looked nothing at all like their defense team. My alliance just fought a war where the enemy strategy was to use a team made up of all 1* heroes so that we wouldn’t get many points for winning. Terrible strategy, we won by over 1000 points, but those same players with 5 one stars, beat my 4,090 defense. The reason? They didn’t attack with those one star heroes.


Are you saying all your opponents in war had weaker defense teams? That being the case you should have been able to beat them. By war match-up they are supposed to be comparable to you (or at least pretty close). It has been discussed in other threads the effect of using a weakened defense and in general the consensus is you are only weakening yourself if you do that. You make it easier for the opponent to gain points on you.

That being said, your opponents are not attacking you with their defense team. That is not a good representation of what team they used to attack you.

If the alliance war scores were NOT close in value then there is potentially a problem.

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