(war)Is this how it should be?

Yes unfair, war time is about 48h - with preparing defense team to the battle. It should be better loot than from titan…
And ppl who wants take participate in war should stay at his guild minimal a week. The strongest guilds are underrepresent trophy to fight with much weaker Alliance… It’s fair or not?


It takes less than one minute to set up a defence team, then you get 6 battles which take roughly 60-90 seconds each. So while the war window is open for 48 hours, you’re looking around 10 minutes of actual gameplay.

Yeah war loot is crap, but it’s not as if your fingers are bleeding at the end of it all.


How it should be?!

Easy: the dead heros cannot go back onto the field, BUT the heros those remain alive after a battle, should be available for the next battle !!!


LOOT ASIDE, I think that the gameplay itself is fine. I suspect that your real gripe here is with Loot

People leave alliances and hen return for legit reasons. Some go use their extra Titan flags Mercing. Others are in a family of alliances (e.g. Nuts), where there is some fluidity between alliances within the family. Requiring a full week in an alliance is simply too much.

I think SG has taken a good step in locking down who can participate to those in the alliance through the prep period. Now they need to improve matchmaking to look only at the strength and number of the heroes of the participating allies. Such a change would end the incentive to bring on mercs for the war.


I totally agree with you. Why they don’t let you reuse the surviving team heroes is ridiculous. They survived for goodness sake, they should be able to fight again.

I do not agree in reusing undead heroes for other battles. This defeats the purpose of having 30 heroes which is not terrible but it also means if you have a topped out 5* team you could potentially use all 6 flags and never use but 5 heroes so the strongest teams would again be dominant.

I went 5/5 on defense team wipes in last war (surprised even myself) even while progressing through weaker heroes. The last attack was so weak however I could only score 0 points. This did however open my eyes to the day when I have 30 good heroes and how much fun trying to mix and match my teams to fit the defenses.

Yes - this makes so much more sense that the current rules. If any of my heroes live through the battle, I should be able to re-use them at that health. The defense already has so many advantages it’s crazy. I might as well not even take my last 2 shots.