WAR. Is not setting up a team or temporarily leaving ally same as opting out?

If i delete all my players in the preparation day, would this be the same as opting out or would we get punished? I’m asking this because we’re getting near holidays and our ally will get problems if people do have a team and don’t do anything. :smiley:

Other way around: leaving ally during preparation, will that cause damage to team?

If this has already been a topic, then please merge. I couldn’t find it though .

Well you prepare your teams after you are matched with your opponents. So all it‘s doing is that his team isn’t shown on the board

If you want to opt out, best to do it as an alliance, all together:

EACH player needs to remove ALL heroes from their war team. (I would do this in the Prep phase, where you can confirm that ALL players’ teams are removed.)

If all teams are removed, your opponent immediately wins. There is no war, it is over immediately.

NOTE: If even one player fails to remove their team, you will still have war, only due to the redistribution of points (1 player = 2000 points possibly!), your opponent will beat the ever living stuffing out of your alliance for the war’s duration. Many many thousand points score is not unheard of.

Best all or nothing. :wink:

We encourage our players to blank their team during the set up if they are going to be away. We don’t consider it “cheating” since they wouldn’t be participating anyway. Their stats get used against us during the match up, but at least they aren’t getting points scored against them since they wont be adding attack points to balance it out.

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