War is not fairly calculated to get exactly strong opponents!

Good day ladies and gentlemen,
I have a big problem to report to the war adversary. The are during the war opponents resigned from their alliance and have joined only after the war preparation began.
only the leader with a very weak team stood alone as long as in alliance.
So they have tricked the game and our team strength.
These are organized war game scammers.
So they got us as much weaker opponents although they have much stronger team strengths.
And screenshots of your war team and their alliance to your email.
I urge you to take action against such war scammers.
So you can not lead a fair war game.
And how will war opponents be selected, after the trophies or team strengths of the Kriegs Team lineup?

Ask for an answer what they can do about it.

Thank you so much!

Sincerely, Nihat

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Your links are broken. There are no screenshots supporting your post. Could you clarify what it is you mean a little better please? @NIHAT

What exactly is the trick here? If the teams are to be counted in the war matchmaking they have to be members of the alliance at the beginning of the process. If they are to fight in the war they have to have been part of the alliance at the beginning of the matchmaking process. If they leave and come back again it doesn’t change anything.

If they were not part of the alliance until after the matchmaking started they would not be able to participate in the war.

The biggest issues in matchmaking mismatches for wars seems to happen with alliances that only have a few members.


It could mean they’re off mercing titans with other alliances or this is a war alliance only and their main alliance hits higher level titans than this one can.


They may go mercing or have a “family” alliance that they go to fight titans.


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It seen true in certain aspects. I believe they reduce their trophies in order to get weaker enemies. For example my Alliance matched with another with a score 11452. They win but now their score is more lower than us ??. SO explain that

Trophies do not affect war score. They may have had a player opt out or leave the alliance which would reduce their war score.

Is this thread starting to resemble the Alliance War Matchmaking thread?


The war score calculation has been posted in multiple threads:

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They are clearly manipulating there war score, or better resetting there war history. And I am not that sure that it have such a minor impact as some people think it has. A lot of alliances doing that. Saw it already more than enough.

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AFAIK resetting your war history (by starting a new alliance every 5 wins) is the only way to “manipulate” the war score on a semi-regular basis. Yes, some do it. We really don’t know what effect large or small it has on the score. If there’s an alliance brave enough to post pre- and post-reset scores with exact same players we might.

The only other way I can think of to manipulate the war score is a one-off of saving up feeders and speed levelling a hero after matchmaking is done. If everyone in your alliance does that you can increase your relative strength vs your opponent. You’d have to be replacing a lower-level hero in your top 30 for it to have a big impact though.


You forgot symbols as another way to level your heros.

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I had tracked over 20 wars shortly after they changed the way they calculated TP…and it showed very little difference between a mid level 30 player alliance that had a good war win history leveling for a few days and the impact of a win on war score. There was one odd anomaly during that time, where the war score jumped up an unexpected amount.

More recently I tracked 8 wars and saw similar results - but then events overcame me and I stopped. I’m sure others have done the same and can report their findings. I suspect the smaller the alliance the greater the impact on war score, but that is just a theory backed up by only anecdotal evidence.

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This is true.

I think however that levelling from 1-1 to 4-80 would have a bigger impact on your overall strength than adding emblems. Now 1-1 to 4-80+20 would be a big jump but can that be achieved realistically between matchmaking and war starting (because you’d want that on a war defense hero for max impact)?

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We faced an opponent who had a slightly lower war score than we did, but the full compliment of 30 members. All were elders or coleaders, and ALL had joined the alliance on the same day about 2 weeks before the war.

They fielded 28 defenses over 4100. We fielded 10. They absolutely murdered us. To me, they had done exactly what nevarmaor said, and had formed a new alliance to artificially lower their war score. I called them out via our alliance banner. I called them what they were–cheaters with no honor. Fortunately that was the first and last time we have fought someone like that. Hopefully it stays that way.

This is the only way I’m aware of that people can cheat, and all it does is zero out the portion of the war score calculation that relies on the alliance’s war record; the portion that relies on each member’s top 30 heroes will be unchanged.


Just checking - let’s say you win a war, so your war history improves your alliance’s war score to A. You leave your alliance, so the alliance’s war score drops down to B. Then you re-join your alliance and your alliance’s war score goes up to C. Are A and C the same value?

A win is allocated to the alliance, not an individual. So assuming no leveling of heroes or troops for alliance or the player in question - yes the score should be the same.