Ok, I am a very patient guy and I’ve been playing this game for over a year now. I’ve seen many tweaks to the war system. It is STILL BROKEN. HOW HARD IS IT TO ACCOMPLISH SMALL GIANT? This is what our money goes into is it not? Making the game better and more even for everyone… Well when one hero can systematically take out not one but two entire teams because they get healed back to full health after 3 hits… Utterly ridiculous! The system is definitely in need of a major overhaul. I am not spending another dime on this stupid game. And you can be ■■■■ sure that I won’t be recommending it to anyone else. No matter what some people say, it IS PTW and that’s a shame. I had such high hopes for this game. All for naught. Shame on you Big Giant games. Shame.


Sounds like you’re struggling to get good at wars. Take heart! Practice makes perfect.


Ghost some tiles and then use specials to finish or try tripling up on opposite color heroes. Just because you are unfamiliar with deeper strategy to raids doesnt mean the system is flawed. Raids are about team composition and are not p2w. Stop crying, no amount of money will ever buy a better board or move the tiles in the best way.


I faced a team with a Guinevere tank and almost 3700 power. Then I fought a 4000+ power team with King Arthur tank. Team I used was in the 3200 power range, a delta of about 800 points. I beat them both in one attack, even with the attack bonus (don’t remember team I used for Guinevere tank). Board was favorable, but it was more than that. This is not a big, it means you should look at strategy as a team.


@Eddard has it correct. The attack bonus rounds are actually my favorite as you can utilize the open spots in opponents teams to ‘ghost’ tiles. This charges your special skills faster. Since you’re not getting hit by arrows and your opponents aren’t auto-healing, you have the time to do this.

Once your specials are ready on several of your heroes, pick one opponent and hit it with your specials. More than likely, you’ll be able to kill him.

This may sound simplistic, but the attack bonus rounds use more patience and the skill is staying away from hitting your opponents with tiles. I know this doesn’t address your concern of losing battles, but hopefully will give you some ideas of how to work with the attack bonus :slightly_smiling_face: