War is a robbery

At war, i won the battle and the game gave me 0 points and freezed with the refreshing circle . After restart i see that nothing changed and i can’t even use my heroes anymore.I won the f****g battle

And a player with 4000 power killed a player with 2900 power got 229 points and I with 3500 power killed a player with 3200 and got 135 points…

How do you explain that … that is not fair

None of us will ever participate at this war again

Ignoring the bonus, points scored per alliance are from a total of 1000 points. Each team is worth an amount based on their full health, so higher total health, not team power, means a team is worth more points.
This calculation is done independantly for each alliance. This means that if one side has a lot of members with high hit point defense teams, each individual team will be worth less points than a similar defense team from an alliance with fewer strong defenders.

As for the zero points bug, I really wish they could fix it. The failed connection ‘loss’ is the single biggest issue that alliance wars faces IMO.

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In our alliance are 9 ppl and in theirs are 30…what amount of points are you talking about…

Is not fair… we saw that at the other war… happened the same

In that case, we will not participate anymore at the war… is not funny… if we are better we have to loose… is not fair

Assuming equal health for every team, an alliance of 30 would be worth 34 points per team. Partial points are rounded up to the nearest whole number.
An alliance of 9, assuming equal health for all teams, would be worth 112 points per team, again rounding up.
The points for a given alliance aren’t changed by the other alliance points value in any way.
The scoring system is fair, at least when it doesn’t disconnect or crash and give 0, but the matchmaking system still leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to giving a fair fight in the first place. Apparently there are changes being tested in the beta right now to improve things, but how well they will work remains to be seen.

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Thank you for explaning… u’re a great guy… we will participate wnen the war will be stabile…