War - improvements

I dunno why as english speaking alliance we always get paired against much stronger alliances that are always Russians, would be nice to be able be the stronger alliance one time or at least against an equal alliance. I have been in two alliances and always been the weaker.
I think a good idea would be to have more than one defence team. After the first respawn would be good if you couldn’t use the same characters like in your attacks. Would make the fights significantly more interesting especially if we never fight anyone weaker than us their second team and third team would make the use of 5 teams in heroes more interesting. Also why do we have 6 attacks in war and can’t plan 6 teams in heroes what is the relevance of 5 teams make it 6z

I deploy my heroes based on the particular foe. I can’t imagine how having six pre-built teams would be useful. What I’d bring to clean up an Alberich and Aeron in the corners is completely different than a fresh Guinevere-led defense.

In any case, both of these ideas have been discussed extensively.

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Explain to me the point of 5 teams in heroes then? Just seems a random number. War still isn’t working when the fights are mismatched so maybe it’s needs to be re looked at so the alliances fighting each other are more equal

You’ve raised two completely unrelated ideas.

Yes, five is arbitrary. It used to be three, now it’s five. I use my team 1 as heroes in training, then a defense squad, a farming squad, and a Titan squad. I don’t really use #5. If I could have more teams I’d use them to,preset teams for each color Titan.

War matching has nothing to do with your team slots. Yes, it would be nice if the matches were better.

You could also plan your war attacks better if you had 6 slots. You don’t have to keep them there you can go back to doing whatever you want to do. As you don’t get attacked while online so why have a defence team while planning. Everyone uses things differently. Not everyone has 30 characters for war and having 6 teams is a good indicator and good way to show who to level up. This game is just about the people who have a team for this and a team for that. But hey I guess you just like to argue if something doesn’t suit you.
Still haven’t told me why 5 slots if you only use 4. 6 makes more sense to me as when online you can see better and plan better. Before going offline you can switch things back.

At least you admit matching could be better hence why I said it would be good to have more than one defence team. If it gets beaten your second defence team kicks in. This would be fairer as some guys have a 4K first team but can’t even hit 6 times in war because they use other heroes to level up. But what do I know. It’s just an idea