War Idea - surviving attackers


Not sure if it was already mentioned. Did see it. I don’t think you should be able to use a hero once in a war…
I think it should work like the defense team works. If one of your attackers dies in an attack, then he is ‘dead’ for the rest of that war… but the others that survive should be available for future attacks, until they die…
Then the revenge attack makes sense to me as an equalizer… currently for the mid/lower alliances who only have 3* 4th 5th and 6th teams, the revenge kills them itself…


As long as they operate under the same limits as the defenders, with hit points lower than the total at the beginning of the fight not being recovered for the next round, then this could add some interesting strategic choices to the game. Does someone reuse that glass cannon striker, with only half their health, or do they use someone who does less damage but is at full health?

The problem I see though is that this idea would disproportionately favor the folks with better heroes, which have a higher survival quotient. The one use only rule seems to be intended to make things fairer for the people with less bench depth and weaker heroes, so reusing the top heroes would undermine the balance as it stands.

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I disagree with this… as I have less bench depth… my 4th to 6th teams are basically mid level 3*s… and using them against an original full strength defense team is pointless… even the revenge function alone pretty much wipes me out.

Having potential surviving heroes available helps the people with less depth.

ok… but if only using 1 hero per attack is the way forward, then that should apply to the defense teams as well… once a team is beaten, those heroes should not be availble for defense respawning… then you need to set another defense team…
That would keep it fair in my mind…

Just to inform you, the revenge arrows actually do less damage to your 3* heroes as it always does 25% of their total health.
For an example:
A 5* hero may have 1000 max HP. Arrows do 25% and do 250 damage.
A 3* hero may have 500 max HP. Arrows do 25% and do 125 damage.
This helps equalize as well.

But I agree this would make it even easier for those with stronger teams. I could keep reusing my A team as I roll through 6 weak teams. Maybe only having to replace half the heroes as they get weakened and I didn’t happen to heal in time.

I’m also pretty confident a big point of Alliance Wars is to give more purpose to all of these heroes slots and heroes that we accumulate over the course of months that we play. I’m personally very happy to dust off and level the 4* hero I didn’t have a use for otherwise.