War idea... intra-alliance wars

Hey everyone just an idea regarding war…
Every time there is another money making update which includes glitches galore… our wars are disabled and to be honest, it’s boring. The enjoyment for customers is taken away while devs too busy making money.
How about introducing intra-alliance wars, no loot obviously but at least it’s fun, we can challenge one another in alliance and try new methods, tactics and gloat how we kicked our friends butt. Have maybe 15 v 15 if your alliance is full with 30 members.
In my alliance(s) we have maybe 20+ who are contemplating there options (maybe retiring from the game) because of the obvious tactics of devs to think of money instead of happy customers.

Intra-alliance wars may curb that frustration and add a little more fun to the game again.

What are people’s thoughts?

Idea: don’t say crap like this. E&P is a video game made by a company who’s purpose is to make money. If you don’t like the game, don’t play it. If you don’t want to spend money, it’s FTP. But more importantly I don’t know how you would expect to get anyone’s attention who may care about your opinion if you start by being insulting.

If they’re increasing profits that would mean that the customers are happy.

I think it’s valuable to provide feedback and ideas. Always remember that the way you present these things is important. Nobody listens to a word you say if you don’t put it in a way that they will accept. ~devs only care about money screw them~ isn’t going to get you anywhere.


And about the possibility or wars within alliance? Good idea or bad idea? Or did you just reply to be argumentative and give nothing of substance? @PHATDIAMOND


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I did give you substance what you do with it is up to you. If the point is to get the attention of developers to hear your ideas then change the way you present it. If you can delete and re-write your post you probably should.

I’m not going to comment on any ideas presented in a negative way and neither should anyone else.

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Sorry, I’m just honest in what I say, and that won’t change.
I have put forward an idea to thwart the negativity which is quite evident on broad scale.
I could butter things up and be all nicey nicey, and be fake as hell. But that’s not me.

I’d actually like to see more enjoyment for all, and will say it as it is to get that… if possible.
One thing I have noticed, truth being spoken is harder to take than a buttered up lie.


I feel like this could really help when war is on break. I know I’m one of the lower powered in my alliance and it would give me a opportunity to try out different things, hone my war teams, and get better at facing higher-powered opponents. It could help break the monotony of the weeks when war is off due to upgrades or bug fixes. Morale in our alliance is always lower when war is off.


Yes Scallen, that is my thoughts. Lessen or stop the monotonous times when war is gone. Use that time to learn and familiarise yourself with heroes etc. Keeps an interest going.


I personally think that the idea is a very good one. No rewards need be given however it would allow growing and long time members the ability to try different teams, defensive setups etc with no cost to the game. I really think it has potential to be honest.


There’s this thing called Tact. Try it out. It will get you far in life. You want people to focus on your idea? Then present it well. Is the idea “Intra-alliance wars” or is the idea “screw the devs, money grubbing jerks?”

In the quest to convince people of things, tact is everything.

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Why bother focusing on the negative as opposed to the idea. You’re just adding to it. I am sure there are a lot of people that feel the same way about it. Why not add your thoughts to the idea not the way it was presented. Like the ideas or not? If you have nothing but soap box rhetoric to add don’t reply. Easy as that.


Because there was more value in teaching.

Lmao really?

He’s got a point. Whether you like it or not. Wars have been delayed quite a few times over the past year due to either mistakes on devs end or due to them pushin for the almighty dollar.

And while that is fine since it is a business and things happen, it would be nice if they could replace wars with something fun to do while they’re down for maintenance.

Choosing not to contribute an opinion to an idea because “it’s too negative for my taste”, is a cop out. If you have nothing to contribute, fine, but don’t see a point in making an excuse to bash another player just because you disagree with their post.

He’s presenting an idea to fellow players since they are the only guaranteed readers we have. Devs are a hit and miss. Look around the forum, plenty of frustration to go around involving the new update, class systems, wars breaks, etc etc. Are you going to hop on those threads to bash other players as well? Or have you specifically chosen this one since you could be one of the first responders and fill a need you have of self importance?

Contribute an opinion of the idea, or quit wasting yours and the OP’s time.

Simple as that.

A simple “i dont like the idea” would suffice. Sure i may throw out opinions about other player’s ideas and opinions, but i try to provide something constructive as well in at least 1 post.

If you want to rewrite the thread, there’s a “new topic” button for that. And i hope people troll you, as you’ve trolled this player.


And yet you did. Several times. A simple, I don’t agree would have sufficed instead of being antagonistic. The OP has a point, we have had wars disabled many times in the past year, which contributes to frustration. Something fun to replace them would be a great idea.


I totally agree with having wars whilst waiting for maintenance and since it’s for no rewards why take 1 step further and make it perminant as this will keep players in the longer for 1 and it may even encourage them spend more when they see what their heros can do when leveled.

There is no down side to this request at all.

Good OP


This is a great idea S34n. Thank you for bringing it up!


Yes, thank you @S34N for the idea & thoughts… sorry you feel like SG is just out to make $ off of us… but I do like & encourage the idea of inter-alliance “mini-wars”. I think it would breathe healthy competition between teammates & also help members with learning their heroes (members can help other members with lineup, tactic etc). Sending positivity your way & hope the fun continues to outweigh your frustration!

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@S34N I think it’s a good (and realistic) idea and I know my alliance would love bashing each other and trying out new strategy within the group instead of trial and error in actual War!

Thank you all for the feedback, positive feedback at that. Hopefully if enough attention is brought forward then it may happen. One can only have fingers crossed.


Inter alliance wars have been discussed many times before and if you search the forum you will find many threads on this subject.
I for one would love to be able to fight my alliance members in war for practice and I am sure at some time in the future this will be considered by the devs.

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