War idea for matching

I Think that the war matching should be with the better 30 heros, but the better 5 heroes should be value for 5…the war matching is really unfear sometimes. My aliance is fighting against 13 players uper than 4000 and we only have 4…really unfair.

Do you understand how war matching is done? It doesn’t sound like it

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Wow. Dont think anyone in your position would be happy with that matchup. However, that might be their best heros and have nothing in reserve. Curious, what is both sides war scores?

No…can you explain please. : )

A sábado, 3/08/2019, 14:18, Anne via Empires & Puzzles Community Forum smallgiantgames@discoursemail.com escreveu:


War matching is calculated as follows:

Power rating of the top 30 heroes of each participating player in the alliance
Extra weight given to the top 5 heroes of each participating player
Top troop of each color for each participating player
Adjusted for recent war performance. (If you’ve won several recently, you’re ranked higher. If you’ve lost several, you’re ranked lower.

In addition, they try to match alliances with the same number of participating players, +/- 3.

This algorithm does tend to give more mismatches with smaller and lower powered alliances, because when there are only a few players on each side, the extra 6 flags from 1 extra player carry more weight

Factors that are NOT included in war matching:
Titan score
Total alliance score
Player levels

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And yet, they could fix it but they dont. Ah well. New war started and it’s not in least bit even.

@joao_lopesdt you just have hope next war is better

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