War hits permanent visible

Just a small and (I think simple) request.
Can we please have the hits that people have left permanent visible? Can be exactly the same figure as now is shown when you click on a player but always be there.
Now. I have to see who I have to kick awake to his or her attacks and have to click everybody on the field to see who I have to kick awake…
Would make it a bit more easy this way.

I’m not sure if there’s an existing post on this idea (which I agree, is excellent), but it’s been mentioned in passing a few times.

Adding these as presumable indications of support for this idea:


Small numbers showing tp and remaining flags would be really helpful, a nice enhancement and easy to implement.



My guess is this might actually be why it’s not already implemented. Showing a live data feed of status for each of up to 60 teams on the board is a little more work (and server load) than only showing stats on demand.

Not that that’s at all unsolvable — the reserve/attack status display already shows live data.

Just my guess that going the easiest possible route when they added the flags remaining info is why it is how it is now.

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No, I don’t think it’s difficult compared to those — I said as much.

I just think it’s more difficult than what they did, and that it was probably the easiest option to do it this way.

I do appriciate what we have now. But was only thinking how it can be improved. And code wise I do not think it will be hard to change.
For server load I do not have an idea how much more load this will be…No experience in this.

It’s certainly possible to implement, and may well be easy.

My point was just that the developers are capable and competent, and I don’t think whether we as outsiders think it should be easy to implement really matters much in making the case for a feature change. They’ll ultimately decide if it’s worthwhile to add to the development cycle.

Having worked as a developer for a long while, I know from experience that things that seem to users like they should be easy often have more intricacies than can be considered if you’re not in the code base. And likewise, changes that are hard to implement can still be highly worthwhile — just look how much Alliance Wars have evolved, and how intricate the new Talent/Class System are.

So I was just trying to encourage focusing on the benefits of this idea — which I agree is a great one — rather than focusing on whether it “should be easy to implement” / “not hard to change.”

It’s a great idea, it would make team coordination easier, and the game more fun. Those are great reasons for it. :slight_smile:


It would be nice to have flag counters/quantity displayed on individual members during war. Thanks!

It is displayed on the battlefield when you click on a member, It shows how many flags they have left.

Right! It would be easier if it were displayed without having to click through all members to see remaining flags.

I’d go one step further and say the team itself should type of visual indicator if a team has flags say in the last 2 hours of war. I too am tired of clicking on each member.


Firmly agree , just leave the flags remaining visible for each team… too much clicking around to ascertain who has flags left .