War hits not registering any tile damage against enemy

Have been playing in current war. Using three dark heroes against holy tanks. In my last two flags, the purple tiles weren’t registering hits at all. Only the specials were working.

No chance you have pics? Or a video?

Sorry, no. I was playing 3-2 with 3 dark. There were no enemy buffs against dark. When I hit with a set of purple tiles, my mana went up but the health bar of the enemy didn’t move. They didn’t have any ‘health overload’ active.

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Did the tiles miss?

Unfortunately without any evidence or corroboration it’s hard for us to diagnose or offer potential solutions :S

No, no misses - I didn’t have Wu, and the enemy didn’t have an accuracy buff (no eye incon active and ‘miss’ didn’t appear - in fact no tile score appeared either).

I will try and get video for next flags in case it happens again.


I got an anecdotal report of this from @Crabby too. Hopefully someone can get a video.

We are facing yellow tanks & I am 3 flags down using purples. All purple tiles have hit & all damage registered.

Enemy tanks so far have been: Vivica, Onatel, Vivica (costume) & Drake

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Crabby’s experience was a 4-tile red match with a mono red team against Telluria, as the very first move of the match.

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