War help please

I have noticed that the war opponents are using low defense like 2s and 3s on a 4500 team then if you attack with a normal team 4500 and 18 defense you get not many tiles and a loss

Not sure what to tell you except, the tiles really are random… See here


Thanks Sarah2 I will just look for teams with 21 defense that’s should work

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I’m confused. How do you know what heros they are attacking you with? :thinking:

Are you talking about the sandbagging strategy, where they have a low team worth minimal points? Sadly that is a strategy some alliances use, so avoid that team until you need to flip the board.

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Everything that @Sarah2 said. “Sandbagging” is just a plain bad strategy unless you are you are in a free for all which is also a REALLY bad strategy. Sure the other players might seem more dangerous due to the increased points but they are still just the same. Use your heavy hitters to take out the big guns and hit the whimp absolutely last for the flip. For that hit you need your weakest player to step up and use their weakest viable guaranteed winning attack team. After the third flip it can get more complex but then it is math after that (and boards). :slightly_smiling_face:

Coordination is the key to winning imo.

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So it’s war day I look at my opponents I pick out a 4500 or 4600 team to do battle with but if they have a low defense I feel a don’t get the tiles but if they have a high defense I do ok .in my opinion lower defense on the opponent less tiles in the war match with them
But I stopped hitting the low defense teams
Thanks guys

Might have been I used a mono team I will try a rainbow on the next war on one of the low defense teams it just looked odd that 5 heroes at 4500 power had a 2s for defense lol

Fwiw screenshots of your teams you are attacking with would give more informed feedback for you. I also find recording the battles insightful too. GL

Rainbow can be a high risk strategy because each hero is delivering not much more than a wet noodle attack. Maybe 3, 2 or 3, 1, 1? Depends on your skill level and board luck to an extent I guess. I rarely get to work a board around to my favour (I’m not very good imo).
Practice on team composition in raiding as you get a couple of do overs if you lose at first.

Happy gaming. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Sarah2 I tried that but usually I just come up with: “What was I thinking?” :face_with_monocle:

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And yes all points are divided but with teams putting out low defense it would take more flags to get the points off them ending in a war loss the game computer see’s a low defense and no tiles for me lol

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This is not an actual thing

Oh I am done with this

Not the best on this but got what I need good luck you guys

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Hope you got a badge lol

Sorry, I replied out of context before. A really weakened team to kill for the flip? 2, 1, 1, 1. Just stack against the danger opponent and know that you can defeat the rest of them with tiles or specials. Caveat, if the tank is still standing on on one knee, stack against the danger flank or possibly, at worst, wing.

Thanks for the update

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