War healers

It seems that healers can make a lot of problems in wars (heal as boost in war), I was thinking of making all healer team for defense.

Melendor - Rigard - Delilah - Boldtusk - Kiril

Rigard - Buddy - Delilah - Boldtus - Kiril
(buddy doesnt heal but adds minions)

Would it work, opinions?

Would work, but i think it would just be annoying and will slow down the fight. You could win because of the time limit but to have a good chance to defend well in a war i think a defense needs some hard hitters.To me 2 at max 3 healers are enough. You have to find the perfect balance between healers and snipers/debuffers.

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Annoying is good :slight_smile:
Small Giant Games got rich on annoying players.

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Team full of healers is the most easy to beat. They the most time have weak attack so attacker will be only charging their special skills and one by one will killing your healing heroes. Very bad choice. I recomending only 1-2 healers in one team. More is useless.


I am aware of this fact but this scenario is for wars only when boost is heal.

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I try to avoid attacking teams with 3 healers until I absolutely have to. The idea has been tossed around before but I’ve never found an alliance with even one member that has tried it.

It does not matter which boost is in war. Result is the same. Healers will not be able kill attackers. I can take 1 healer 4 snipers and any from your 5 healers will not be able kill just one from my heroes till I heal them back and shoot down first of your healer with 2-4 special attacks. War heal is only 20%. Only very bad player can loose fight like this.


I still think all healers wouldn’t have much of a bite and I’d definitely target your team to take down with all my fast hitters. Kiril would definitely help, but I’d still recommend a 3/2 split, with Kiril as a healer. Add Rigard and Buddy to make your three “healers”, then add two fast mana hitters. Now that would be a rough team.

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I wouldn’t advise on an all healer defense, even with Field Aid, it would take 1 debuffer, 1 mana control and maybe 2 snipers to take out your team pretty easily. Your team wouldn’t have a strong enough attack to retaliate and while it might be a slower match, it’s not a difficult kill.


Healers could be strong just when they act as a wall or as a comeback mechanic.

A full healer team is an easy prey of every color stack as they wouldn’t pose any threat even if hitted by heroless tile, while being hit by 5 tiles or so would kill them instantly.

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Maybe when Kunchen is available for his heal and defense down, you would need Mother North and/or Alby to revive or else you WILL be picked off.
Melendor and Sabina have decent attack stats but are somewhat fragile so a sniper can one shot them.
How would you hurt someone? Delilah’s minions? Buddy’s bombs & defense down (probably doesn’t stack with Kunchen)…
I would almost say the opposite for war, when it is arrow barrage, at least the enemy is taking damage then.
Maybe add Triton, he deals real damage and boosts the effectiveness of the healing…
I have someone in my alliance that loves his all healer team. He usually gets one shotted early when the other teams are strong and then in the second half a lot of scrubs burn flags on him so it is hard to say he is wrong.
All healer is terrible when facing strong, experienced opponents. It seems to work fine when against weaker and less experienced teams. (my dentist will retire comfortably from me b/c it makes me grind my teeth b/c he has some excellent heroes. Runs all healer for Shhts and Giggles).

Look at it this way: the specials of the defenders are the only way they can punish attackers for just hitting them with tiles and charging up their own specials. But your specials don’t punish the attacker at all. Rather, they just duplicate field aid. In a normal fight, there’s a lot of pressure to use offensive specials quickly because your heroes might die if you don’t. That’s not a risk against this defense.

You’re going to have a ton of over-healing early on, where your healers fire off heals even though everyone is almost full health. Then, your enemy will focus specials and tiles on one healer and kill him/her. Then, back to over-healing while your enemy builds up mana again.

You’re mainly likely to beat teams your regular defense was already going to beat, and lose to teams your regular defense might have been able to win against. Indeed, your enemy doesn’t even need to color stack. They can throw a rainbow team against you and save their color stacks for your teammates.


In Italy we have a common proverb which says “il troppo stroppia” that is the equivalent of “too much is never good”

Two healers is the most you should have.
More then two is too much.


We faced a whole alliance setup with heavy healing the last war with field aid. They all had at least 3 healers and a lot of tank heroes like Ageir and Ares in the flanks. I fought one that was Alby - Ageir - Guin - Ares - Delilah.

I use mono groups and the fights were all drug out. However I still pulled 6 wins and we won the war

Without a doubt heals are powerful in war I don’t run heals for raid defense, but I’d say it is important to run at least one healer in War. However, damage is also critical. A balance seems to be the key.

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My alliance has seen it before. First up, first down.

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With 5 healers you only have the chance to sustain over the time. With healers and hitters you also have the chance to kill the attacker.

Try 3 healing units, one should cleanse and one debuff, if possible, one heal and shoot or buff and at least 2 hitters, best if both also debuff and/or clean your bad state.

Also 2 healers, 1 buffer (e. g. Wilbur) and 2 hitters are doing a good job.

I’m not a friend of color stacked defense, but in some combinations it will be useful, too.

The last 20% will always be the luck of the opponents board.

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All healer team would get murdered. Basic attack damage isn’t very high. Without the threat of skills it’s a field day for the attacker.

I’d welcome a defense team of all healers. Charge up all your heroes and pick them off one by one.

I found myself in front of a team composed only of healers and although I was convinced of winning strangely I lost so it can definitely work as a team Then it depends on which opponent you are facing and by luck :facepunch::sunglasses:

Probably been a year and some change since i have put a healer in my defensive raid team. I look at it like this, any healer and your team is already at a disadvantage as they do nothing but prolong the inevitable.

Have had the same raid team for quite some time. Am i breaking top 100? Nope, but they keep me in diamond indefinitely. That says enough for me considering they are all freebies save Zimkitty. Speed kills!

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