War - Have ‘Top Defences’ as well as ‘Top Attackers’

It’s always nice to top the Attackers table, but it would be nice to also see a summary of which defences are working best.

Something like this, sorted by ‘Pts per flag’ (ascending):
Pts against - # Flags - # Survived - # Defeated - Pts per flag

My Spreadsheet-Fu already does that for me. :grin:

There is a bit of an issue with this metric though, as far as I’m concerned. It’s heavily reliant upon a defence team being attacked. While rare, it can happen.

How would you evaluate a team which wasn’t hit during the war?

Is it not sufficient to look at the attack history, look at the hits the defence has taken?

not hard to do yourself if you know what you’re doin


I’d say that team should top the table. If a team is so good the opposition never get a reset, that’s a huge war advantage.

I do that for my own defence, to see if it is working. But without going down the screenshots->excel route I can’t be doing that regularly for all the teams.

What is the easiest way? If I could get the attack history into a spreadsheet quickly the rest is easy.

Probably like an attacker who did not attack - 0.

But this is really extremely rare situation. Unless you are losing all your attacks, you cannot use all your flags without killing every defence at least once. Usually defs are killed 3-5 times in one war.
I kept track how defences work in my alliance for over a year, and didn’t have a single case that every def team was not killled at least 3 times.

It is indeed rare; I happen to have one on record during my time in the game. A long while ago now.

I did float this as a conceptual possibility though, as every idea proposal really should factor in as many possibilities as possible to evaluate its viability.

While I personally would suggest leaving the strongest for the flip, what about the obvious sandbagger who puts out a team of unlevelled 1-stars? And everyone in the attacking alliance are point chasers? Meaning no-one hits this defence? Is this defence who conceded 0 points to the opposition as good as the defence which is the latest 5*s LB2, fully emblemed up with level 30 troops which no-one hit?

Again, an unlikely scenario but a possible one. Both teams ‘prevent’ a flip. But to rate them equally as good? Maybe for some. Personally I just think ‘not applicable’ is best for a rating in such a case. Because to say these teams preventing a flip, because no-one attacked it is as good as a team which is attacked and conceded 0 points is… odd. To me, at least.

Interpretive issues aside, this discussion reminds me of this idea:

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I think because of the timing with regens, if the board is never reset then 3 kills average per team member is the upper bound for what it is possible to score.
That would be an absolutely dreadful return.