War Handicapping Issue

If our team draws another war opponent that outnumbers us I will be quitting this game. A game into which I’ve poured vast amounts of time and money over the last few years. War is the only thing I like(d) about it. Real competition. Teams vs teams. No expensive artificial enhancers can be used to give you an edge during war. It’s man vs man. It is the actual product that you’ve built against the other guys.

Small Giant has now ruined the war experience with its new Alliance Handicapping System.

Being down one man to start a war when you’ve only got 5 hurts a lot more than being down one man when you’ve got 29. 5/6ths vs 29/30ths. Also. You can’t very well punish/penalize a 30 man squad can you? 31 man alliances do not exist.

In short. It is my view that the new Alliance Handicapping System is NOT about fairness. It is about coercion. Small Giant wants to pressure small groups to join bigger groups so that the player’s monthly titan expenses increase.

Smaller teams are hurt much more than larger teams by Handicapping. That is a fact. And it IS coercion. Possibly illegal.

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