War glitch - Regenerating super fast

In our current war our alliance regenerated after being defeated in a very short time. Only our members regerated extremely quickly. The other alliance regerated at a normal pace. Needless to say, they took out our weaker teams twice within the first 4 hours and had amassed a score of over 1900 to our 900.

The war is still going and some of our alliance members will be regerated to be attacked for a fourth time before the war is over.

Not sure if this is a new glitch or something the developers are aware of.

We are a stronger alliance with more members but are going to lose pretty badly at the current rate of play. Everyone in the alliance noticed the issue as well.

It sounds like they cleared the board. If you kill every team, they all regenerate immediately.


I looked back and that is exactly what they did. Iearned something new today.

Thank you very much for the quick response. I will let my alliance know.

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You’re welcome, glad it was helpful! Good luck in the War, and maybe soon you’ll be resetting the board on another team. :slight_smile:

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