War glitch or cheat?----please help

I’m not sure if this is a glitch or what. I actually created a spreadsheet because I was like how did we lose? It should have been at least a tie but in doing a spreadsheet I realized we should have won. WAR gave us a loss by 1 point but my spreadsheet shows we should have won by 1 point.

See attached picture of the spreadsheet I created. Can someone explain to me how the other team was given an extra point for every kill that used an extra flag but we were not given an extra point twice when we used an extra flag to kill opponent.

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I expect it’s a rounding issue.
Sometimes the game is forced to round up or down by 1 which can mean a team is worth an extra point if it takes several flags to kill them.
If this happened a few times in your war, it would produce the result you describe.


What do you mean by round up or down? War hits are worth whole numbers, there’s no rounding involved.

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If a team is worth 50 points it’s possible for a flag to earn 26 points and the final hit to be worth 25, making the team 51 points overall.

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Well there is, you just don’t see it


I accounted for the extra point for an extra flag. The other team was given an extra point every time it took 2 or more flags to take out a team. We were not given this extra point when it required us an extra flag to take out a team. If the game gives an extra point it should always give the extra point not randomly. So which is it? you get an extra point when you use more than 1 flag or you don’t? It can’t be you sometimes get an extra point or you get this issue where 1 team won but they shouldn’t have.

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It looks like you might have already accounted for rounding.

Do you have a screenshot of the war scores in game too?

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I sure do. I have all documentation as I am very confused.

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You get an extra point if a round up is involved.

Lets say a team with 1000HP across their heroes grants 100 points.

You take out the whole team with 2 flags.

  • First flag you deal 499HP in damage, that should be 49.9 points which is rounded up to 50 points.
  • Second flag you deal 501HP in damage and the team is dead, that should be 50.1 points which is rounded up to 51 points

In the end you get 101 points (which seems to be 100 + 1 because of one extra flag used)

Now you take the whole team again with 2 flags.

  • First flag you deal 500HP in damage, that is 50 points, no round up needed.
  • Second flag you deal 500HP in damage and the team is dead, that is 50 points, no round up needed.

In the end you get 100 points (even though one extra flag was used).

Your team probably had bad luck in the round ups and ended up losing because of that.


Would the round up/down also be more pronounced when you can score over 700 for a 1 shot?

We are usually scoring around 50 to 55 for a one shot in ours as we have 30 v 30.

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Moncho I see what you are saying and I get that but it still seems very unfair. We lost by 1 point due to a round up/down. We were 2 4300 teams against a 4300 and 4500 so you can say we were the underdogs yet the rounding worked in their favor. Twice we didn’t get an extra point so YEAH the system seems flawed.

Does the rounding always go up?

Yes. You can’t get less points than the initial value of each defense team.

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I’ve noticed this phenomenon in the past and it definitely feels like a glitch.
There is no reason why E&P cannot fix this so that the total points for clearing a board is always the same regardless of the number of attacks used.

For instance, if the total for a team is 55 points and the first attack does 20.5 (rounded up to 21) then, simply subtract the rounded up total from the initial total so that the next attack would be 55-21 or 33. If the second attack does 12.5 (rounded up to 13) then the remaining would be 33-13 (or 20). This would ensure that the total is always the initial amount.

We’ve lost close wars in the past, 1, 2, and 5 points and would hate to think that this round-up glitch was the cause for that. I imagine some “tied” wars would have had different outcomes given this as well.

This should be a recommended fix to the developers.

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Yes absouletly, the system has a flaw which is pretty notorious when a few teams are involved, like your case 2v2. In a 30v30 war it’s very rare that this flaw creates a winner and a loser due to round ups (and I can bet it would be very tedious to find those round ups if you want to verify them in 360 attacks).

I also can not understand why there is no round down. If you get 49.9 points rounded up to 50 then you could simply round down 50.1 to 50 and that would do the job.

Maybe (nerd hat on) they don’t have floating points for war scores. So every time a score is calculated for a flag, if the score generates a floating point, the system does 2 things: Gets rid of the floating point part, and add 1 to the integer part. By doing that they don’t need to compare if the floating point part is higher than .5 or lower than .5 to apply the correct round up or down. But that’s my guess.

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