WAR formations

I believe, SG got plan for inclusion of raid formations.

What I mean with war formations is basically, that the leader of alliance and chosen 3 commanders can put ally hero setups on any of the available locations (front, back, sides etc,…). Elders in alliance have option to propose their location.

REASON for it, enemy must first break the front line, before they can fight other hero setups.

FRONT LINE BONUS (edit) : 10% to defense for all defending setups on front line

And once you break the first line, you can only go for one hero setup left or right or forward.

LEADER can promote 3 of his teammates to siege commanders. After the first line is broken, they can go for any hero setup on the field (as well as leader).

This would ADD extra immersion and planning during pre war time, as well as alot of extra dialogue and tactis during war time.

FOR EXAMPLE : you can put your strongest teammates in front, so they hold the front line for longest, or put them furthest behind, so enemy has to risk lesser hero setups for breaking front lines to still have power for last line.

Killing LEADER amounts to extra 100 points. KILLING COMMANDERS amounts to extra 50 points!

Thoughts? I think this would make wars alot more exciting and engaging :slight_smile:

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Honestly, my first reaction to this was: man, we are struggling to make peeps use their flags, to run coordinated tanks, and to make them use weaker teams for cleaning! So, I assume this could make sense to really engaged alliances. But it would be very difficult to introduce in laid-back alliances, smaller alliances etc. A lot of them already complain how this game is becoming more and more time consuming anyway. So, this could be fun for very competitive and active teams… For the rest, a very painful feature. :slight_smile:


Likewise some fresh changes to war could invigorate those who have grown bored into using flags again.

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Good observation Slobix but I think Cheds already gave a good response.

I believe people are getting bored, beacuse current ‘‘events’’ dont differ’’ much between, so they want to go for less… But making them more ‘‘mentaly stimulating’’ just a little bit would make more interesting and standing out of the rest of events :slight_smile:

Or have the reverse effect. Laid back alliances will have more difficulty filling the war chest.

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Maybe they would drop a little, but then settle in lower score, where they could fill chests similarly in competition with other laid back alliances :wink:

I’m not saying this wouldn’t bring additional strategic thinking and more fun. I would LOOOVE to introduce more of it. But my experience in 2 alliances so far is that at least 50% of people play this game like this: I have some free time and I would like to play a bit. So what’s there? A war! Let’s use flags. A titan? Let’s hit it couple of times. And that’s it. :slight_smile:

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I didnt do correctly reply to you first time : Maybe they would drop a little, but then settle in lower score, where they could fill chests similarly in competition with other laid back alliances :wink:

Maybe… But for us who would like to improve ourselves it would mean that we should leave the friendly group of people we know just for the sake of better loot… Or fall behind. Still not sure I’d pay that prize. But go on, it’s just me. :joy:
My impression is that, appart from top competitive alliances, the most players do not want the game to be to much like a daily job.

haha Slobix, I would totally agree with you, until it actually comes to rewards.

Then its a bit comicall, beacuse rewards arent game changing in current state. So getting reward 1-2 weeks later isnt a big hit, while staying in your favourite alliance… if it even would amount to later date (we speaking just theoreticaly) :slight_smile:

This game is based on simplicity. 5 heroes, one tank two flanks two wings. 5 colors, strong and week against each other… Mana bar fills-up, special skill is ready to use, kill every one on the battle field to reset the board… simple concepts, easy enough to understand for a 5 year old… No need to think to much, even if you have a false sense of power, skill and control, most important thing is the board you’re dealt. Even so, the vaste majority of the player base has trouble understanding the raid system and the stacking of colors… I guess introducing a set of new and hard to follow rules would make many casual players give up on wars…

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Fair fair point. But MOST people saw once a battle movie :slight_smile:
You gotta break the first line, before anything else.

This idea can get simplyfied (like for example, once a front line is broken, you can pick any other hero on battlefield, but not before that.) a bit and leave war commanders and leaders extra room for maneuvering.

I also think bonus points for war commander and leader isnt hard to grasp concept :wink:

Could do. I’m playing Devils Advocate in this. I’m happy whatever happens but generally stagnation gets boring so shake ups are needed to keep it fresh. But they can go the opposite way very quickly too.

I play Call of Duty Warzone on the PC a lot and everytime they make small changes the Twitter handle is bombarded with complaints and compliments. Rarely balanced but some stuff is great, some not so much. But it does keep everyone on their toes

All in for new war ideas, this one is quite good only problem I see is alot of higher allainces basically have the same teams on videos youtube I watch. Soo it may make it quite pointless for them and even harder as may have to wait to use flags as they have a better chance of defeating a certain team that may not have a vela etc. Sure war is working together but this just could complicated things even more.

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This goes both ways :slight_smile: Thats why team communication and strategy is extra factor now. Since war is 24 hours long, everyone has enough time to participate and strategize when to attack

If sth like that is introduced, call me to join your alliance. I know I won’t have time or will to negotiate with my team mates what should be done. :joy:
PS. 3 months later, 6 of them are still not using the same tank colour. :man_shrugging:t2:
It’s that hard. Luckily, we win more often than lose, so there’s not much frustration about it. :muscle:

I really like this… Honestly, war is becoming boring… Some changes to the war can be interesting and the leader is solely responsible for this. And I’d like to see leader at the front… As the name suggests, leader should have a very very good team defense, so he or she must be at the front… Followed by other players set up by our beloved leader…

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