War Formation: Tank, 2 healers, 2 hitters

Someone in my alliance is saying we should use one tank, two healers, and two heavy hitters in our teams. My honest thoughts are that sounds fishy, often ineffective, and in many of our cases, unrealistic. Is this something high-performance alliances move for as standard procedure? We’re already trying “green tanks only.”

Seems overly forced. It’s similar to when alliances require specific elements for each spot regardless of if you have heroes to make that effective.

Someone in a top alliance can speak more to what they do.

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I dont use any healers let alone 2, not in a top ally though (600 ish rank)

Will be interesting to hear if top 100 team use healers, seems ineffective to me but I’m new here.

  • EDIT - apologies, I do use garnet for arrow attack wars occasionally and MN for rush wars.
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