War flasks ( plus Hero/ Team flask discussion )

A new treasure drop: War Flask. Gives 1 extra war hit.

Usable for very few people. Most will be using unlevelled 3* and 2*. Maybe in a year or so?


I find the idea neat, but I think this should be a long term goal instead of a “Right now” feature. Primarily because of the problems with Matchmaking. The question and devisivness of war revenge arrows should probably also have priority IMO. Maybe someday, but not quite yet.

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This is a nice idea, but honestly I’m hoping that instead of flasks the war mechanics well evolve. 6 flags simply isn’t enough time spent in war to enjoy it thoroughly…

In several months when it had become clear people have adapted to having 6 strong teams, what I would prefer is that after every 8 hours we get 3 flags instead of just 12. This still allows for time zones to get on before the end of war but gives everyone across the board more energy to enjoy the feature with.

It also helps continue the progression of building large amounts of heroes we wouldn’t use otherwise - and will reintroduce the need for 3* heroes into a campaign that is rapidly outgrowing them as it is.

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What about the flask give you the chance to reuse a hero (or a team) instead of a supplementary attack?


That’s an idea I could definitely get behind, though it would match current items better if it was a war scroll instead of a flask.

I don’t think it should apply to entire teams though, if it did they would have to limit the number used per war - or make them harder to come by than a Damascus blade and then really what’s the point of adding it?

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Yeah, but i’m under the impression that an entire team is too much, but 1 hero is too poor :grin:

Make it like Alberich’s special: you designate 5 used heroes, and there’s a 33% chance for each to be returned?


Ahuahuahua, RNG even there.
I love it.

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@Elpis That’s what I thought. hahaha

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The nature of what Alliance Wars is, you really can’t start allowing teams to randomly have additional attacks or you remove the balance they attempt with the matchmaking.

I’d be all for giving users more than 6 attacks total, but not in the form of a flask that can randomly give teams more attacks than the opposition.



Yuck. It is bad enough not being able to use a hero that is perfect for an attack team, but to have the hope of being able to reuse him snatched away from you by RNG. The rage quits. Oh, the rage quits.

War Mulligan- if used gives every player in the war, both allies and enemies, +1 war energy for a total of 7 war energy. The second use gives +1 for a total of 8 war energy.

Limit 1 per war half no matter which side uses them. Cannot be used in the last six hours of a half.

Persian: A thousand nations of the Persian empire descend upon you. Our arrows will blot out the sun.
Stelios: Then we will fight in the shade.

I really really like the 1 flask lets you reuse 1 hero. So you would need 5 flasks to break out a full team of your best heroes.

I had the idea that the losing side gets +1 hero flasks, then realized most people would tank, save the flask, and hope war rewards get better when Matchmaking v2.0 comes around.

If you make it as rare as Miracle scrolls 1 hero is too poor. But if you made it as rare as Axe Attack it would be more useful.

Personally It would be nice to use 1 or 2 flasks on an attack team, then use 1 or 2 flasks on the next attack team. Gryphonkit, my wife, has made good use of picking a 5* hero, two 4* heroes, and two 3* heroes to take out enemy defense teams by tailoring each attack team to its target.

Hero flask 2* item- reuse any one hero in war
Team flask 4* item- reuse any five heroes for 1 war attack.

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