War Flags and Titan Limiter Suggestion to reduce player burnout

I like pass Titans as it allows me to build up resources…also, I’d like more Rares :).


I would be 100% for getting all war flags at the beginning!
Titan limiter would be okay if it would maybe force a pass every so often, cause one day a week to give you a Choice to increase stars or no titan spawn that day,or something along those lines.

I like having 6 war flags right at the start. Not sure why we need the 12 hour mark for war. It’s up to alliances to determine how and when those flags will be used.

As for titans, we monitor them already and determine at spawning if it’s a kill or escape. I’m not sure we’d want to hand off that control.

War - I’m not sure having all flags at the start would make a huge difference to a lot of alliances. There Are a large group of alliances that utilize the reset timers so having more flags wouldn’t help them much. But for those with a very inflexible schedule, this could be helpful.

Titans - I don’t see the point on this. The goal of an alliance is to fight harder titans for the chance at better mats drops. Restricting titan levels stops alliance growth. And I really hope they don’t cut back rare titans. We’ve had plenty of much-needed mats drop from them.


I really like your idea of war flags because of time zones sometimes it’s hard to make the last twelve hours. Even a compromise of say second set after 8 hours would be nice- wouldn’t change much at all but would give more a chance to organize hits without it being a chore. 2. Titan rest is totally out of the question ( can be organized by alliance leader) but, we could suggest to SG that if an alliance “strings” four in a row they don’t get penalized for letting “one go”- this might allow for Leaders to add more diversity around “rare quests, events,wars etc) to ease some pressure. Both of these suggestions might be possible if you put it in a way that suggests - no real changes but an improvement on quality of the game.3. Save the reduce “rate” titan frequency- Boooooo that crappy idea lol

Just linking these related threads for the moment.

I’m not merging this for now, while seeing how the discussion develops — combining ideas into one thread is always tricky for consolidating voting and support, so I’m waiting to see if this develops into support mostly for one idea, or if the two ideas together are a required element of the proposal.

Related: War Flags Use Requirement – require that each player use their 3 flags for the first segment before the 12 he mark or they lose them, or cut the time for war and just post the 6 flags at the very beginning

Old similar post that didn’t get much traction: Option to keep titans at the current star level or below


Not a fan of all 6 war flags in the beginning…

Then the war could essentially be over in the first 30 minutes… next complaint will be waiting for the war to end so they can collect loot.

Want to use all 6 flags at once? Wait 12 hrs.


I do like the titan limit idea… some alliances want to stay small… but the continued killing will inevitably increase the difficulty until a pass is required…

What’s the downside? There’s gotta be something I’m missing…


I think with the competitive alliance the war flags at mid point isn’t an issue ( were addicted). But, for the majority of alliances which are casual it will probably encourage more flags being used which will overall improve things ( let’s face it some casual guy will get on once a day and burn 6 before he wakes up in the morning to burn three before war ends). So, I’d vote for that because it would improve the game for the majority. Titan changes a little more tricky but I think that’s why OP tagged Rigs -lol



Not a fan of lowering the # of rare titans

Only see like 52 at best out of 365 titans per year(even less as is for alliances not stringing 14s)

Cut back and they might as well be non existent

The war flags, i guess would be fine since respawn timers and such will still be used strategically by competitive alliances.
I think it’ll add more work to wars overall though for those that do strategize and coordinate but that’s just part of the game

I don’t feel we have too much to do in the game as a whole

Players begged and begged for a long time to break the boredom, give us more to do, not just have us sitting on our thumbs in between events/rare quests or titan flag timers. Well that request was heard and fulfilled

As I’ve said in other threads, nothing in the game is mandatory

If alliances want less rare titans, they can pass on them

If alliances want to cap their titan *, they can do so

If players want to use all 6 war flags at once, they can do that

If players feel overwhelmed at everything available to do in the game, they can choose which ones they would rather not partake in

Also if alliances dont want to pass on titans anymore, build up to stringing kills of the highest titans available. Not that hard.


I guess I don’t see the big deal in waiting 12 hrs after the start of war to burn the 6 flags if you want to play that way… that’s a pretty big window of time if you want to use all 6 at once.

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We want to know why you tagged Petri before Rigs? Usually, we here from Rigs a few times … then Petri. Just joking around

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Downside is it removes motivation for alliances and players to grow

And it hurts SG bottom dollar

Why would players farm to craft if they dont need the items

Why would they care about improving their titan hero roster

Why would they buy items from the shop

Etc etc etc

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I suppose…

Hard to think that way when it’s not your mindset. :woman_shrugging:

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I have been in a few casual alliances and have friends there. Biggest issues in Wars is flags not used. Biggest complaint is timing. I really do believe that change would be a positive for most alliances and make wars better. Plus, more chances for weaker members to do clean up- the casual have such a wide range of TP. Honestly, wars wouldn’t end first hour because log ins would be all day for them.


Casual alliances have wars?

Lol jk

Is it bad that this made me shudder??


What I’m trying to figure out

If alliances tolerate not using war flags

Then why do they complain about it?

I mean we flat out tell people, dont use war flags, you’re gone

I don’t think SG stepping in to help with alliance management is that necessary personally.

Leadership teams should be able to handle it themselves, if they cant then they really have no grounds for complaint :man_shrugging:

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I did it about two weeks ago when I was in New Orleans…Bourbon street sucked me in and spat me out three hours after War ended and 3 unused flags. 29 people shuttered … it wasn’t pretty


Maybe we should be asking SG to extent Wars to all of us are available from life’s little casualties… let’s get on track here lol

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