War flag usage – why not attack the same war opponent twice?

I’ve always heard don’t attack the same war opponent twice,if u don’t kill them move on to another team.why is that again ?

I’m sure you’ll get lots of opinions on this.

Some alliances have it as a policy. I prefer it to not be a policy, but rather a guideline for better strategy.

If I fight a really strong opponent and only manage to remove the troublesome tank, leaving remaining heroes that are now perfect for my next team to one strike, then I like to kill it myself.

If I leave an opponent severely weakened, and I know there are other players with teams more suitable to clean it up, then I leave it.

Generally, I think some alliances try to avoid having their players “rage fight”, by using three flags on the same target, just out of anger.

To my mind, it should always come down to the simple question … can this team (or remaining heroes) be taken out with one flag, without wasting a stronger flag, and who on our team is the best one to do that.

If it’s not me, hopefully I’ll have the wisdom to walk away from the fight.

I believe there are top alliances who expect their players to “clean up their own mess”. They figure it’s not fair to ask an equally strong member to use their (potentially one shot flag), to do clean up, if you still have a flag remaining.


@princess1 has part of it.

My family of alliances have it as a rule for two reasons:

  1. Not allowing Double Taps (as we call them) prevents Rage Fighting (as Princess said)

  2. No Double Taps gives the chance for others to use their flags in a meaningful way

Based on rosters, most players only have so many “good” teams which can one-shot an enemy. After that you get into “clean-up” teams. If someone with a better clean-up team takes out a single hero in a double-tap, then they have potentially wasted their flag/ someone elses & thus not getting overall points as high as possible…

Hope that makes sense…


It’s not a hard rule in our alliance but one most of us follow. Simply because we have some weaker members who can’t take out certain full teams at full hp, so if you can weaken that team or take a couple heroes out leave it for someone who isn’t so strong to swoop in. Otherwise that person may not be able to get any points/kills by taking out full teams.


We try to prevent strikes like that: 6 points, 6 points, 0 points :smiley: doesn’t make sense at all. If I don’t manage to wipe out a team with the team I think that’s best for that, so why should another (weaker) team be able to do it?

But that also depends, if I had a bad board or I realize a mistake in team synergy or I wiped out some heroes and know I can finish it or something like that, it MIGHT be useful to attack that team again.

I personally don’t do it and move on, because I’m one of the higher players and what I don’t oneshot are most of the time good targets for our midlevel players or for cleanup teams.

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Always aiming for 6 oneshots.
Half down can be killed by weaker members.


Alliances that put some effort into their wars, will have some form of standards for flag usage that lets them make strategies.
Not double tapping and killing a team while leaving it alive for a while, if not indeterminatly, can hinder other ppl that have the resources to actually oneshot that same team at full power. For this reason, I’m more of a “clean your own mess” type of guy. I personally hate to waste a good team on a worst opponents because the good targets for a oneshot are half eaten.

Granted this is more of a personal problem, from my alliance, because of the carefree way of playing and the fact that even the weaker members will see a half eaten team and think “NO-UH, imma go into a full team and make 0/6points instead of degrading myself and eating the cheese leftovers” :confounded:

A couple others above have explained it more thoroughly- but bottom line is that following the rule almost always means more points for you; and more points for your team.

Our weaker members sometimes “beg” for leftovers - of course they know oneshots would be better in terms of flags :smiley:

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