War flag counters in v17

I’ve noticed that all flag counters are set to 0 when the war ends.
In v16 only alliance flag counter was set to 0, but individual counters remained as they actually were.
It brings after war analysis like comparing flag usage between us and opponents, average war points per flag, etc. to the days before the counters even existed.
What’s the point of removing actual flag usage count at the end of war before next matchmaking?

I agree that it would be convenient to see actual flag counts (both individual and total) after a war.

I agree and have seen this by others too. I’m going to move to ideas category where hopefully @Petri or @Sara or someone else can address.

It will be good to see on the battlefield after war number of unused hits by players. Before last update this info was available. After last update this info not available and on the battlefield everyone have zero flags after war even if they not used all 6.

@Kerridoc @Rook or @JonahTheBard. I just moved the same request to the ideas category for the devs to see. Maybe you can merge this (I can’t do that).

Yeah, this reseting to zero made whole idea for counters obsolete, now again I have to count by hand to find who didn’t use all flags so that I can check what happened and if some adjustment is needed.

I’d prefer to see number of unused flags for both alliance and player, as it was when the flags are introduced.

I really don’t understand why introducing one good feature and then removing it, without even. mentioning that in the updates.

Maybe it’s a bug then? :thinking:

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