War flag counter glitch

On the last war a team mates flags don’t add up.
I have checked the attack history and they did only attack 5 times.

So yes they do have a flag left but on the top left says zero :woman_shrugging: just thought I’d share to see if anyone else had a issue.

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Someone in a line chat I was in had the same issue.

No idea how to reproduce it or anything but I have seen at least one other report of it.

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His war hits are scattered I can’t get a definitive time line, but 2 may of been done during the first 3 flags then the next 3 once all flags can be used.

Also not really a solution. :wink:

Hi. You are posting on the wrong thread. Please use the search option of this forum to direct you to the proper thread.

Most players here attribute those to bad boards. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF RNG.

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