War Fix Fail

So much for your fix


It’s not based on Titan score anymore, but on bench depth and 5 strongest heroes… (I’m gonna have to copy this, so I don’t have to typ this under every matchmaking complaint😂)

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The point is its not a close fair match system any more as well.
Its like giving some alliance advantages on others just to angry people to make this very website busy !

The previous info from the dev staff was that they were going to factor thd titan scores into the formula. Thats what maje it so crazy and frustrating… it shouldnt be so hard for ALL of us to know exactly what the formula is for each war. We are trying to offer constructive feedback without even being informed about the details.

The upcoming war is not using the newest matching system, as the update with the new system is just being rolled out…

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Yup, an alliance with a high majority of players with over 3k defense teams against an alliance with most around 2k and growing but small bench strength. Seems legit. But keep this snarky comments coming it looks good on ya! :wink:


That was for only 1 war to compare data. They reversed it again right after that.

And ‘So much for your fix’ isn’t considered ‘constructive feedback’…

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Wasn’t me who said “so much for your fix”, I agree that isn’t constructive. I was making the point that unless we know what method they’re using at the time, it’s hard to compare our results. The first two wars with the new method was a bad mismatch for us. We were told on the 3rd war they were going back to the old method for that war, and the mis-match was hugely in our favour (also not good). Last war we were told they were using the new method again (I’m not sure if they added the titan scores in), and again we were badly mismatched. Again, my point is this… We have now received a good balanced match for THIS war so I need to know what method they are using in order to give a better informed opionion.

This is as on today, for those who have downloaded the update. Be advised, I’ve heard grumbling that the new update unfavorably affects Delilah and Thoth somehow, but I have been unable to confirm.

I believe this thread discusses it:

Delilahs minions do not do damage

Bet you wouldn’t have heard grumbling if it FAVOURABLY affected them :rofl:

Oh no! Then the celebrating goes on looooong into the night! :grin:

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You can be a bet* more wisdom and try not to bully other forum members by laughing at their pain topics.
Coming in and laugh like you are enjoying our struggling in AW aint good no way.
Please get some respect, and as your not a staff or a mod please stay the far with your so not nice comments.


Thank you for defending my honour. My skin is pretty thick, that’s necessary when we come on a community forum that’s anonymous. I usually just let it roll off and keep my comments respectful and constructive.


I’m sorry if I offended anyone, that was not my intention. I’m just getting a little tired of people complaining about matchmaking, while in my opinion this is a better system than before.

Let me be a little more constructive:
The first system where they based matches on Titan score can be very misleading. An alliance can be streaking on Titans because they use a lot of flasks, So they could match up against an alliance that easily takes down the same level Titans which would probably make it an unfair match.
Or alliances can let a few titans go because they realised they’re a bit too strong and can be on 7s for example, while they could take on 9s. This would cause for an unfair match too, because they will probably match am alliamce that’s fighting really hard to kill the 7s…

This current system can’t be rigged. It’s based on the heroes in your roster. Nobody is gonna eat hard earned heroes just to get an easier match up in AW. And if they do, they are f’ing themselves…

The last point I wanna make is that people still look at the alliance score of their opponent when they get their match and nothing in the matchmaking system is based on that score anymore. Therefore people think they are at a disadvantage and already give up before they even try to win instead of strategizing as an alliance.

I’m in 7DD and we do a LOT of data collecting, on everything, AW, Event, Titans… this allows us to see who can get a lot of oneshots in AW, who has good clean-up teams and what the best defense strategy is.

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From my perspective, I was fully aware that alliance scores weren’t being used but, at least for us, and perhaps only a coincidence, those matches that we were severely mis-matched also showed a difference of 20k in that score. This past battle, which was very closely matched turned out to be within 10k. I’m not making conclusions, just observations.

You my friend are in #1 Alliance in the game, This means you can beat any thing: Titans, Alliances or events.
You and your fellas are already the most powerful players in the game, so what can be easy/normal for you is defiantly upnormal/hard for others to be used to.
About the system, We are in an alliance with players -2500~3000 and only 4 people ++3000 including our leader who is lv52 aka playing since ever to make a good team.
last 3 battles we been vs players of +3000 and few over 3500 !
So we’ve lose after lose after lose.
Before this matchmaker we had close matches, Victory chances was above 50% now its below 10% … what chance you have if your top team is 2200 vs a def of 3500 power? what strategy could be able to beat that.
This matchmaker has killed the fun for the newbies and is serving us as a dich on powerful players tables.
Its not just our alliance who complain about that, its all the new/newbies Alliances that struggle in this new AW method.
Powerful players can’t feel our pain.
Your sorry has been accepted tho.


Exactly, but not only newbies. We exsist almost 1 year and face the same issue. Any improvements based on top 100 alliances oppinions are just sensless.

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By saying killing fun for new/newbies
ment new Alliances and newbies players.
So yah Ortega … TOP 100 alliances wont feel/understand our straggling.

I promise you - they do, at least those, who face the same problems like you. And be sure, there are some.

After this prep phase started I have to agree with you that there is something wrong with the matchmaking. We are way overpowered compared to our opponent. I seriously think there is a mistake in their code, because this is just wrong. We all have a 5x 5s defense while half the opponent still uses 4s heroes…

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