War EX-MEMBER still a problem

Is there a way to solve this?
It is affecting both teams.

@N_I_D_L_S since you said this was affecting both alliances, I’m assuming you have an ex-member team on your board as well?

If so, has someone left your alliance, even for a brief time, since the countdown to matching ran out?

Just curious as this is typically the cause of ex-members. But if someone did leave (even if they came back later) this is not a bug but a fix put in place to stop alliances from manipulating the rules to their advantage.

Hello. This might be in wrong place. If so, my apologies.

In our current war, many hours after it began, the opposing team had several members become ex members.

Apparently, one of these members returned and was able to still participate in the current war.

I thought once a player becomes an ex member, their team remains on the field but they are not able to further participate in current war…

I feel I am missing something here. How was this ex member able to re-enter current war?

I think he has chance his game name to EX-MEMBER. I have seen couple of those in chat room. :wink:

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