War error?

Hello ,
I have encountered a problem that has so far been encountered.
We started the war between alliances and I want to say that at the second hill attack my graphics frame game.
Do you have any idea, is it from the graphics of the game after the update?
Thank you in advance,

Sorry mate that question as phrased is not making a lot of sense, could you please rephrase your concerns or post a picture of the problem? I don’t think the forum can help otherwise

it is ok now @Infinite ?

Ummm, it doesn’t seem to be different? Sorry I just don’t understand what you’re asking…

I mean, when we attack the opponent, the puzzle moves too slowly

Still not really following. What you describe, slow movement, could be about your device, your internet connection, or a strange bug. It could even be that the game does slow a little when you play certain specials (like Elkanen for example) or use a timestop.

If you think there is something wrong with the way the game is working, report a bug to support and see what happens

Good luck

thanks bro :+1::+1::+1:

There were some fixes to game graphics in version 18.0.3 released earlier today. I hope this fixes your issue.

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