War equalizer + mindless attack

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couldn’t find a topic addressing this issue.

An alliance mate took a video of his attack this war and what was surprising is that mindless attack kicks in before war equalizer…

That is:

  • in the turn before the war equalizer kicks in, Zocc is released on the opponent.
  • In the opponents turn then first “mindless attack” is processed and THERAFTER the equalizer kicks in…

It this intended? Does game logic think: OK, the mindless attack mana was full before the defender’s turn?

here is the video:

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Hmnnn. At first, I thought that war support only processes only after the enemy has made a turn. Assuming that war equalizer occurs after 3 turns, you make the first tile move, the enemy retaliates based on whose enemy hero’s turn it would be (burning sword icon with a turn counter), then you made your 2nd tile move, followed by the casting of their specials and/or slash attacks, then you make your third move, the enemy hits again.

In the video, before war equalizer got activated, the attacker managed to fire his Zocc’s skills followed by a tile move, the result made the target fill his mana and since the original skill was replaced by Mindless Attack, it activated due to full mana making such target killing itself and waste their turn. Then the war equalizer set in.

However, if I am not mistaken, during arrow barrage, that war support processes after the attacker has made a turn but before the enemy forces has made their attack.

Sorry, I will try to be more observant next war.

Wow I think this is not consistent

Mindless attack should be treated as a special skill. This is why Lord Loki, when casts on a opponent with mindless attack, actually steals mindless attack and hurts someone on his team instead of stealing the original special skill of the opponent.

But in this video, even if mindless attack is a special skill, it happens before War equalizer and not after, like any other special skill should do from the defensive team.

I think War equalizer should go first and then mindless attack.

I Think Everything is working as intended…

The only thing is the tile move was faster than the Zocc animation…

Zocc fires, fill GM mana bar, automaticly activate mindless attack ailment, player makes tile move, Equalizer applies and it’s opponent’s turn…

As the tile move was faster and it seems another turn passed… but it didn’t all those things happened in the same turn by the order i said above… the ailment animation is longer than the tile move, if you look closely the sand DOT didn’t applied, and after equalizer all aiments were removed (including Zocc mindless attack)…

This ailment applies when mana is full don’t wait for opponent turn (other heroe’s just fill mana on their own turn, but zocc gives opponent mana)

If you read the special carefully, the mindless attack is done when “Mana is full”. In other words, it is executed as soon as the Mana is full, it won’t wait for Equalizer to go off. Similar is the case with Pixie.

Also, you can safely use heroes with specials who end in 3 turns, eg Gullinbursti, Proteus. You fire them just after the Equalizer goes off, before making your first turn and the entire special shall be completed in 3 turns then Equalizer is fired.

I have tried this with Pixie. Let’s say it is your 3rd turn, fire Pixie, and make a turn just below Pixi’s target, the Mana of target gets full and is immediately processed, targets Mana is reduced to half, then Equalizer goes off, then any other defending hero can fire its special, if their Mana is full. And yes, Pixi’s special shall be cleansed after the Equalizer goes off.

That’s why it’s called mindless :rofl:

Is that video of Zocc available?
I’m pretty sure that the ailments of Alfrike have been cleansed and only the damage and the health reduction came into play.

Because Alfrike doesn’t give mana for the oponent …
Zocc gives 50%mana to the opponent and that triggers ailment (mindless attack) before War equalizer…
Zocc ailment is 3 turns but it was removed by equalizer…
As i said above it’s not really a bug it’s our visual perception…
the solution (would be very annoying) was to only allow tile move after zocc special and ailmet animation ends…
pretty much how it happens with s3 heroes that delay annoyes me.

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Yes, for sure. It’ll trigger directly if mana will become full after Zocc has hit.

Equalizer wipes between the turns, after the attacker and before the defender. Zoccs ailment would be cleansed if the enemy wasn’t fully charged by his hit.

It happened in one of my attacks too, mindless attacked kicked in on enemy then equalizer cleansed everything

I would personally say that “no it’s not working right”

Reason being is that Mindless attack becomes the enemy heroes SPECIAL SKILL. Meaning it SHOULD NOT cast until the controling player’s turn…

So in the case of War Equalizer, the normal order of battle is:

  1. Player Turn
  2. War Equalizer
  3. Defending Team Special Skills
  4. Defending Team Slash-Attacks
  5. Player Turn (again)

So based on that, the mindless attack (which is a special skill) should fire AFTER the War Equalizer effect.

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That was my expectation as well…

The only thing I can imagine is that it depends on the timing as suggest by some others, but I‘d say it still brakes the logic of the equalizer.

Will be interesting to see @KiraSG feedback, because if it is intended, it should be clearly communicated so everyone can take advantage

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Sorry, but I think “mindless attack” is my brains default game style. :thinking:

I think it’s just visual…
Zocc Gaves mana and mindless attack triggers right after …
The tile move was faster than animation…

In raids if Zocc fills enemy mana it triggers ailment right away wont expect the enemy turn, doesn’t he?

Indeed. But it becomes a question of if it should?

Based on order of battle execution I would say not…? Hansel and Gretel sure as they are effects.

But Mindless Attack is a special skill… (Per the description and in battle scene.

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Humm good point… one of thoose strange things… but SS also says when an enemy gets 100% mana… maybe the wording should be reviwed… there’s something odd for sure.

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@Petri can someone please have a look at this issue and confirm if it is intended this way or not?


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I have asked our QA and design team about this thread. I will update when I know more. Thanks for the topic and discussion.


@KiraSG it’s more than 3 weeks now… I guess there won’t be an answer?


I didnt see anything wrong.

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