War equalizer dispelled boom & fang’s counterattack

Was using boom & fang in a war attack and the equalizer dispelled the counterattack despite the fact that they still had their white boar mega minion. The counterattack should be undispellable as long as the mega minion is still there

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All buffs/aliments/stacks put on heroes, even if undispellable/unterminable, are all removed due to the field effect.

Effects wich comes from minions or fiends themselves as per Lasalle fiends’ replication woud still take place.


War equaliser removes all active effects, including minion effects. The counterattack is an active effect as it occurs immediately.

War equaliser does not remove minion effects waiting to be active at the end of the turn, like Lasalle’s, or Lady of the Lakes’ mana reduction. They are not currently active when the War Equaliser effect triggers.

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I appreciate the response and info, it just seems that a description somewhere needs to be clarified. Boom & fang says “the white boar mega minion gives its owner the ability to counterattack with 100% of the damage received for as long as the owner has a white boar mega minion”.

I get it, the description of war equalizer says “war equalizer removes all status effects and stacks from all heroes” but since B&F still has a mega minion it feels like counterattack should remain since it’s an ability given by the mega minion rather than an ability cast onto them.

I accept this is working the way it should but I feel like the description isn’t accurate


It’s a dispellable ability given by the minion. If some opponent would cast immune to buffs you wouldn’t gain counteratack.

PS: While I was writing this I realized that probably Leadria’s minions don’t boost HP in war equalizer.

If Equaliser killed the minion, this logic would work.

The way that the English language statement works is that it’s the minion that grants counterattack so long as it’s alive.

The way that it’s been coded is “when summoned, the minion grants an ‘undispellable’ status effect that stays in effect until the minion dies or an effect that overrides ‘undispellable’ statuses hits the beneficiary”.

It may be functioning as intended, but the person who wrote the description isn’t fluent in logic.


Put another way: each Kvasir minion has the ability to grant an ailment that last 2 turns every turn (minion immunity on target). It doesn’t lose the ability to grant that ailment due to Equaliser.

White boar minion loses its ability to grant counterattack.

So it’s been implemented as a one-off effect on summoning, not as a property of the minion.

It’s not like they needed to make B&F any worse, but they did…

I also saw this last weekend when i used my B& F in war. Its weird indeed!

This is a great point. Kvasir’s minions hit each turn with the poison/minion resist, so even if war equalizer does dispell those effects, they will come back with the next hit

B&F’s mega minion should grant counterattack anew each turn as long as it’s alive because the way it’s currently worded it feels like it should survive the equalizer cleanse but it’s not

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More likely the person who wrote it did not take War Equalizer into account. Minions have been around since before War Equalizer and they probably use a boilerplate description and just change the wording to suit the new minion as required.

Yes, it is lazy.

Same thing happens with Queen of Hearts taunt minion. Used to be the case that the minion effect stayed but they changed it to be in line with all other effects in War Equaliser. Same thing happens to Liu Bei & Zhuge Liang minions. Lu Bu & Elizabeth fiend effects. Basically if there is a status ailment or buff then equaliser will remove it regardless of where it came from. If not, status giving minions & fiends would rule this war type.
The only thing equaliser does not affect is the stat modification given by the goblins and that is because those are not counted as buffs or ailments but as modifiers.

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They are, at the very least, still meat shields.

Yeah, but that’s not specific to this war type and they still have the same weakness as there are plenty of minion specialists like Ogima, Grimble, Alucard etc out there.

Just one gamer’s opinion

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