War Equalizer causing damage

I experienced a weird bug with this current war’s effect (war equalizer). I only had grazul left and if i had her buff on me I would take 200-300 damage when war equalizer hit.

Grazuls buff is just immunity to status ailments for 2 turns, so it’s not like i had some +health buff that kept getting stripped off (and thus reducing my overall health).

I was stuck in an endless draw against two healers on the far right and left wings. I was pretty confident i could build up enough red to eventuality take them down for the win but i couldn’t keep up with the damage from War Equalizer and eventually died.

This was such a long battle that I was able to pay attention to it happening and it was consistent.

1 - offense cast special skills
2 - offense makes a move with tiles
3 - war equalizer removes all status effect
4 - defense cast special skills
5 - defense makes slash attacks

That war equalizer rules if you fire gaz it kinda makes the special nothing.

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I know what war equalizer does. Grazul is part of my red mono team so I use her regardless of war effect.

War Equalizer shouldn’t be causing damage tho, especially to Grazil, whose buff is only status immunity.

All I can think of is fighting Gullinbursti, who will damage you whenever, however, the buff is removed.

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