War energy refill notification bug

Well, screenshot below kinda speaks for itself ))



Didn’t take screenshot, but this happens regardless of language, I had the same notification even with the game set in english

I got the same message (my phone is setup in Spanish).

Same issue here, Portuguese but appeared the text exactly like yours

Thanks for reporting this! We are investigating it!
It should have said your war energy has been recovered.


Why not use “refilled” instead of “recovered” when you mean “refilled”?

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I hit in war then went and merc when I came back it put me in spectator mode only. I didn’t participate in anything with war while mercing. Did this happen with anyone else? It also took away the POV war flags i used today. Do I have a bug?

You cannot leave during War and still be able to participate if you return

When you click leave, there is a warning message ~ just read it carefully!

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