War energy counter for all enemies

Just to see the number of attacks left to players.


Imo, the enemies flag shall not be displayed. Cause I dont like that my enemies can see who of my team members have hits or not.

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You can also check the history to see how often somebody has hit. I know it is a bit more work but if you want to know, you can already do this.


You can count the remaining flags, but why not speed up?

I agree that flags Should not be displayed, there is a good way to determine who is attacking in the form of the combat log already.

The idea behind is simmilar to presented by me idea in Alliance wars - additional tools topic. I thought it will be enough to see who from my team already is “out of power” to help to coordinate team. So I like it even in presented above form which is extended solution to suggested by me.


It’s a little idea to make this easily… It’s only a number over the player (or opponent’s player)… Nothing so hard to be implemented…

If the information is already available in an inconvenient to use form like the list of who’s attacked already, there’s no apparent reason not to also give it in an easier to view format, like showing the flags already used and those still remaining for further attacks.

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