War Energy Boost

Since the Developers brought the Attack Boost into the War mix, I’ve been wondering how it is acquired? It may have been mentioned when it was first introduced, but I cannot find any info now. It’s the little icon (arrow?) below the Alliance’s name and winning points bar.

The revenge bar still exists. When its full you either get help with arrows/heal/attackbuff depending on the warsetting.

Edit: Or what do you mean by ‚energy boost into the war mix‘?

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The Revenge bar is filled how? By winning battles?

It is like a mana bar. If you hit enemy hero with gems it fills slowly. If you don‘t hit enemies (aka ghosting tiles) it fills faster.

The tiny icon is located below the team, or Alliance’s name? I think it’s an arrow?

It’s below the Alliance’s name and winning points bar.

Your mixing the Attack Boost with a War Energy refill i guess. Never heard of Pots for War. Doesn’t make much sense if you ask me.

“Attack” Boost!! That’s what I’m asking about.

Only the defending team get‘s the boost. You as the active player can‘t acquire it while attacking. It‘s a bonus for the defense team after every few attacks. And every defense team gets it.

Oh, I see what you mean now. Yes… the boost is only active for the defending team and it’s the same for both alliances. Right now it is the attack boost but it will vary, like heal and arrows aid.

Defense Team? You mean Alliance? Why, how, what, and who determines WHICH Alliance is the Defensive one?

youre making this far too complicated. the defending team gets the bonus, just like they always have with the arrows. when you are on defense you get the bonus (you will never see this as the AI runs your team when you are on defense), when you’re attacking someone, they are on defense, they get the bonus.

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Lol when you attack the other alliance their team is the defense one. If they attack you then your team is the defensive one. EVERY team in both alliances gets the boost when attacked


Making this too complicated? Really? How’s your Wars going? Fine I suppose.
If the Attack Boost goes to the Defensive Alliance, how’s that decided?

IT DOESNT GO TO AN ALLIANCE. It goes to he individual that’s being attacked. OMG dude.
You go to the AW screen, you pick a person to attack, they get the bonus.
When a person on the other alliance goes to the attack screen, selects you to attack, YOU get the bonus (the computer AI runs your team for this, you will NEVER see yourself getting the bonus)


It’s simple. When your alliance is attacking their defense teams, they’re the defensive alliance and they get the boost. When their alliance is attacking your defense teams, you are the defensive alliance and you get the boost. You just don’t see it because you don’t get to watch when you are attacked.

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Lol is this trolling right now or are you serious? It is a battle. Both alliances attack and both defend…

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No it doesn’t! When checking info on which team of the opposing Alliance to attack, you’re saying it shows up on their Alliance because I’m about to attack one of their teams? Okay. That makes sense compared to other replies.
Anyone who wants to reply in a rude manner, DON’T!!
This Community Forum is for LEARNING. Am I not right about that fact?!

Lol?!! Am I serious?!! Yes!! Just go play your game and stop searching for bloggers to insult!! I’m here to learn, and some replies haven’t made sense, so I keep reading until I get it!! GOT IT?!!

You got your question answered several times so clear that it can‘t be missunderstood. Still you‘re being rude to guys helping you and open another thread with the EXACT same issue.
No worries. I‘m out of your threads. Have a good one

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