War effects based on specific colors (Battlefield effect)

This idea came to me when replying to a post, which aimed at forcing war defense teams to change with each war and I decided to make it a separate suggestion, because it was a different kind of suggestion than the original one.

In quests, there’s an effect which creates disadvantage to fire heroes. If there were war effects like this rather than “Everyone attacks more” “Everyone gets hit” “Everyone gets healed”, it could make wars more interesting. And it would affect both defending and attacking teams the same. So for example:

  • :blue_heart:; + :heart: Hot day: The war takes place during a hot day.
    – All Ice heroes have their attack reduced by 10 % and their special attacks have a 10 % chance to miss.
    – All fire heroes have their critical strike chance and defense rating increased by 10 %.
  • :heart:; + :blue_heart: Cold day: The war takes place during a very cold day. (:blue_heart: naturally strong against :heart:)
  • :green_heart:; + :blue_heart: Mountain battle: The war takes place in the mountains (Or some other place which is cold and with little nature)
  • :blue_heart:; + :green_heart: Tropical forest battle
  • :heart:; + :green_heart: Swamp battle
  • :green_heart:; + :heart: Desert battle
  • :purple_heart:; + :yellow_heart: Holy land
  • :yellow_heart:; + :purple_heart: Unholy land

The effects could be paired like this or they could just apply to one element which would gain advantage or disadvantage (coming up with good reasons why nature is at disadvanatage when fire is at advantage but ice is normal is hard) Also the days should be replaced by a place as well. I was developing the idea as I was writing. The current pick of places is a suggestion, I’m sure people can come up with better places, which would be advantage to one element and disadvanatge to the other.

The buffs/debuffs could change depending on the natural relationship of the elements, so a different buff if the buffed element is naturally strong aganst the debuffed one. Or there could be a pack of small buffs and debuffs and one would randomly get picked.

These effects could be new set of war effects or there could be another war effect (Battlefield effect), although that might be a bit too much (or replace the originals? :thinking:)

To have some examples of other buffing options:

  • Defense decreased by 10 %
  • Very small amount of damage every turn (poison)
  • Chance to miss 10 %


  • Attack increased by 10 %
  • Very small heal every turn
  • Reflect 10 % damage

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