War drop question

Seriously? That sounds pretty cool but I would rather see the season 2 map first.

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lol no. I’m not sure what everyone wants a season 2 map for. More farming…yay.

Actually chat in my alliance has dropped off altogether since alliance wars… But that’s a casual group for you. Spend three days explaining new mechanics to everyone since no one is on at the same time - and chat turns into a place where the only discussion is about how to play the game.

Not saying I blame AW for it, just happens to coincide with the death of casual chat in my alliance so there could very well be a connection there.

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It’s ok that you can receive some poor prize if you win… but if you win 12/13 wars and the only good prize is a tropp token, it’s a necessity to complain.

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I absolutely agree, Season 2 followed by a 3 would be more interesting.

Year One = Season 1

Year Two = Season 2 (at some point)

I’m not thinking about Season 3 yet :grin:

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In that case season 2 is already 4 months behind.

I think after season 5 I’ll hang up my sword & shield. Groom my beard & tell the kids what a hero I was.

I think it is more like Rick and Morty TV seasons ( 19 months & 21 months between seasons ). Hard to keep creativity to a schedule.

Be glad it is not like the movies The Hustler and it’s sequel The Color of Money ( 25 years ).


Isn’t that about the same time frame Duke nukem worked on? Lol

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Yeah, I’m not holding anyone to a 12 month schedule. God help me if I was held to that kind of production! :grin:


Ok back to war loot, which is junk most of the time. My alliance is 12 - 1 and I have been disappointed each war with the low end rewards.

My question is why is there no war chest. We have a monster, raid, and titan chest but no war chest. Come on SG this isn’t rocket science here. Give players some incentive.

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War loot really suck. We have won 12 out of 13 wars, and no one in my alliance got bether loot then the loot in Ciuscon’s screen shot…

Thank you for saying that.
I was not able to get these words out of my head.
And I finally did the right thing and left my formerly beloved alliance.
(Some drama queen starting to use the alliance chat as a battleground did help to speed up my decision … )

I am in a very nice alliance now.
With some great players and a “no drama” policy. And I am quite happy there.

Thank you.


Awesome!! that’s what makes it sweet, when you find a bunch of like minded fools (no insult intended i include myself in that term). :grinning:

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