War drop question

Hello. But, are you sure that this is a victory’s prize? Except for food and iron, I had better drops in province 8, stage 7…


Unfortunately, yes, that looks about typical. There’s a small random chance of better items. Overall score for the alliance or being the top scorer for the alliance makes no difference, it’s the same random rolls for everyone.
Disturbingly, the best single loot item I’ve got so far from alliance wars was an epic troop token for losing. Other people have reported ascension items, though good stuff from losing seems rarer than from winning.


Yeah, an epic troop token and a hidden blade… When I lost a war in my old alliance…

Besides not liking the wars, that is one reason I am not rushing to level heroes to have a full bench. Way too much hassle, and for some $$ , just for some farmable items.
And it is sad seeing many old timers leaving game over disappointment of wars instead of second map


If you lose at war you get 1 ascension item, 1 ingredient & 1 battle item. Winners gets 1 ascension item, bonus ingredient, bonus battle, food, iron, gems, and possibly a trainer hero.

Personally have gotten Royal tabard & Gloves, so same loot tables as Titans for each individual roll.

Hopefully these are alpha testing rewards ( live data base) and once war leaderboard is finished & loopholes/ bugs fixed, they will roll out gold edition rewards ( that’s it, Devs don’t need to spend any time on it anymore ).


I view wars as more of a social Alliance activity than something that is just a personal source of loot. 6 raids that cost nothing but time, and anything you get as a reward is gravy. Heck, you can not even participate and get something for doing absolutely nothing.

Thus far I’ve received at least 3 ascension items from war loot that I can remember (one for a loss no less). I am sure as the war system evolves they will be able to structure the loot system a bit better to offer more incentive. That however is the bigger issue, the mentality that a player needs to be rewarded for everything or its not worth their time.


@Zizzzzy: it is not about the time. It is about bringing up 6 war teams instead of 3 very specialized teams … and the increased cost that goes with it. And for that, there is absolutely no equivalent reward.
Actually, as pointed out here already, for me the looser loots were much better than the winner loots. Hence my enthusiasm about war. (The best so far was a golden troop coin. No “higher” ascension item at all. So basically nothing you wouldn’t get from a single visit to a 3-energy-province and maybe a Mystic Vision (for the diamonds).)

As you mention very correctly, it is a social Alliance activity. And this is the only reason why I always do my 6 attacks and do my best. And completely stick to Alliance strategie (even if I know it is stupid … but that was a different thread).


That however is the bigger issue, the mentality that a player needs to be rewarded for everything or its not worth their time.

This +20. Why can’t something just be fun? Isn’t that why we play games? Just do your best and have fun with it…I mean, you can still enjoy your tasty dinner even if you don’t post it on Instagram and get 47 likes…


@Ciuscon no glitches there, that looks about right. you can win 50 wars by 2000 points & you’ll be rewarded with less than a map battle.


I’ve received 2 rare ascension materials over about 16 wars (I think we’ve had that many?). That’s a better rate of Mats per chest than both my monster and raid chest. Start having a broader view on loot.

I don’t think the “play requirements to loot ratio” is too far off. I was already working on 5 different Titan teams, Challenge event heroes, and am working on improving my attacking and defending raid teams constantly. Why wouldn’t I just continue to level heroes as I have been? I was using these 30 heroes for other things before Wars. I expect I’ll have closer to 40+ ascended heroes in a few months.

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Yes we play games for fun, the fun in this game is progressing. Any activity that doesn’t pay back time invested with appropriate progress rewards will be quickly evolved out of peoples activities ( eg Horde playing Alterac valley in vanilla - to specifically reference an alliance 40v40 war mechanism in another game lol daaaam that WAS fun though).

Yes there is a a social aspect to war, but there is more of a social and excitement aspect to an alliance first taking on a new titan level in my experience. Can’t do that without progressing your team from loot. Given the paltry war rewards most people are going to just do their attacks in a hurry to get them ‘ticked off’ , I know I do.

Socially other game aspects are still more important than AW and AW does’t seem to have a lot going for it in the current format. I definitely had much higher expectations and hope they can tweak it to make people spend more time\fun on it

Edit** I had a couple of 3* ascension items from wars , more from mystic vision in the same period though


Yes, but it’s boring… ):

Not to derail, but man do I miss Vanilla Alterac… sitting at the Iceblood Graveyard Dotting all the horde as the rode past me on their mounts… watching them slowly die from the dots during their feeble attempts to cross the frozen plains!

So it was you!!! FOR THE HORDE!!!

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I really hope you’re kidding with the “Socially other game aspects are still more important than AW”

Everything else in the game mechanics is COMPLETELY a single player thing. Even titans are really just “do your own thing and add your scores with everyone else’s”. The only real socializing you ever need to do is coordinate hits when the titan is about to die so no one wastes flags if it’s under the 11 hour mark. Everything else in the game is literally just you doing your thing.

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Permit me to disagree.
In my alliance, we are a friendly, chatty bunch. Farm a little, chat a little, raid a little, chat a little … etc … You get my drift.

Until AW came along.

Now, during a war, some people - like myself - just go in to do our thing and leave the chat again. Not interested in spending time reading who hits whom etc etc.
Maybe farm on autoplay in the background while doing something else, but not reading the chat at all. I mean, who cares? You only have 3 flags two times during the war. Spend them and leave. You’ve done your job. No use lingering to watch how the other 29 players do theirs. You can always check the summary later.

I fully agree with @Devil123 in this respect. It is a job to do, for paltry rewards. No use spending more time on it than necessary.

However, some people - especially the war leaders - spend a lot of time in chat during wars four times a week. AND now they spend noticeably LESS time in chat at other (non-war) times.

Not that I blame them. But this is getting boring for those players who enjoy normal chat, joking etc instead of staring at their phone screens reading who hits whom, ad nauseam.

I have resigned myself to participating in these wars. For the benefit of the alliance. But I am getting bored. I do not blame my alliance buddies for taking a break from chat on their “days off”. Not at all. This is very understandable. But I am getting bored with the almost empty chat at non-war times. Whatever happened to the nice socializing?

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Yes, noticiablle quieter since wars. This week 2 of ours quit the game over boredom and disappointment over lack of content - wars were just not it - and a couple more thinking about it.


Alright, almost everyone I’ve talked to hasn’t noticed a drop off in chat around non-war stuff. But I’m sure it can happen. And it doesn’t change the fact that from a game mechanic perspective, AW is literally the only thing that requires socialization to do properly. Everything else is single player mode.

I’ll say it again - as more group content is released as the game matures, alliances that were once a good fit may not be a good fit anymore (i.e. before you just had “cared about the titan or no”. now you have 2 things to care about. when there’s a 3rd or 4th, it may splinter groups that want different things. That’s just how things change).

I couldn’t agree more. I already see it happening. Challenging enough to get consistency when just a titan involved. Any idea what is coming next?

Yup, 3 alliances join up to battle 3 other alliances. Not sure what they’re calling it, but the battles will last over an entire week and you’ll need at least 80 heroes.

Winning team gets 1000x common herb to split amongst themselves.


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