War Disparity

It is a wonder how the Alliance War calculation is determined as our growing Alliance has maybe 10 total 4/80 heroes and our opponent has 5 teams at 3800-4000? Their alliance has members average of 400+ days where our alliance began 278 days ago with next oldest member joining roughly 6 mos. ago. We are giving up 11676 in total power 6705 trophies, 4971 Titan power. 107685 power to 96086 power but, our war score is higher? Should there be a baseline score calculation of the number of maxed 5* heroes & 4* heroes and another category say 5*/1+ and 4/1+ which would increase the hero power calculation to a predetermined level?

@Mwgolfdad Sounds like you’re wondering a bit about exactly what goes into the War Score.

It doesn’t include trophies or titans, nor does it take into account amount of play time — at least not directly.

Instead, it includes the things that affect War most directly, namely heroes and troops, plus the win/loss history of the alliance:

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War Scores between two alliances can be surprisingly higher or lower because there’s a lot you can’t tell looking at alliance members, for instance the roster depth of each team member, or their War win/loss history.

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