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What’s is going on with war pairings is imposible to fight with an alliance of 113000 of power when yours is only 102000 that doesn’t make sence

image image

the combination in war occurs through the 30 strongest heroes of every member of the alliance and also of the troops. . check the war and vedreai score that is the same !!


Is not the same score is a huge difference que on those Numbers

That number those not matter.
What is the actual war score?

They should make wars more accesibles

102 agains 113 very crazy

That is not the war score.

Please click on the “?” by the score. Scroll down and look at the War score.

Post that.

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And what is theirs? That’s the actual score. If the variation is off by the thousands than yes you got a bad match but if is close than you are ok.

This is theirs…almost the same

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And there you have it. You are just fine.

They take account that score plus what @AntonioGui posted.

That & member count is how they do war matching. You guys look pretty well matched.

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Thank you guys now I understand …Good luck to everyone…:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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Members that are checked for war. Not necessarily “member count”

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