War disaster

What happens when one level 40 faces 5 level 50’s and 4 level 40’s as we attempt to match by bench?

Why do we not match a level 1 with a level 20? Because the experience advantage is so great it would be as silly as matching a level 40 with a 50.

So much for the bench theory.

In the thread titled. After last war update. You can see I predicted this exact result one player would score in alsmost this exact spot and be followed by 4 as the levels of our players suggested.
Pretty accurate seeing as that the possibilities were endless had the bench model worked. Yet as you see in fact the level of player dictated more so our results.

Both teams flipped the other one time. But the natural spawn offered one team more lower hanging fruit on the respawns. Where only the Stronger teams could use the bench, as also predicted.
The match across 24 players was -300 for every team. Increasing every turn, till a 1600 team must face a 3000 on average.

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