War disagree


You have decided to be able to take a person it if the war. I don’t agree with it. Yes they should be able to opt out if they want but it shouldn’t be up to you if they are taken out. I understand that you too a vote but not everyone is in that group to vote. It should be up to the leader or Co leaders. This is a game and real life does happen. You can not be there for everyone’s conversations to see why they were unable to fight in the war. We pay gems that most of us had bought to start the alliance so shouldn’t it be up to us if we take them out or not? It shouldn’t be you guys if we pay to run out alliance. We have some that look so forward to the war and if they are taken out because of you guys what can we do about it. Sorry love the game but hate this new part. Oh and I don’t care about the wars but some of my team members do. The only part I like about the war so far is to see how my heros do up to others.


no idea what you trying to say here . !


Sorry the spell check out words in that I don’t want. What I was trying to say is the leaders and Co leaders should be able to take people out of the wars if they want not the game. I understand it is matching and not fighting but this is a game. Real life happens. We pay so we should be able to run the alliance not them. Sorry


Players are only taken out of the war if they don’t participate in 2 wars in a row. But they can always select to take part again. It’s not like they are being forced out of the wars.

As you say real life can sometimes get in the way so maybe a player is away for some reason and he will be checked out of wars (unless he checks in again) and so will not “hurt” the alliance by being included in the war but actually not taking part. I think this is fine.

I could see some misuse if leader/co-leaders could check players out. They could check out players who maybe actually want to play.

Edit: But I wouldn’t really mind if leader could check out players. One can always leave alliance if leader misuses.


Pretty sure the OP is saying they want leaders to be able to block some of their alliance members from participating in wars.

Is this correct?