War desertion punishment - Desertion mark

To be honest, players that left alliance during war, have no consequences for it. This is easy way to let alliance loose the war. I still can’t stand why there’s no punishment for it.

This is my idea - Desertion Mark.
When player left the alliance during preparation or war, he receives a Desertion Mark. (When he wants to left alliance he is warned about that)

Desertion Mark is visible for 4 days (especially to the next war) next to player nickname on global chat and alliance member list (a small red icon with broken sword). It means that everybody will knows about desertion.

What more Desertion Mark changes for player with it?

  • world energy 20 min/one flag
  • titan energy 6h/one flag
  • raid energy 2h/one flag

How to delete Desertion Mark?
Player must spend 1500 diamonds.

Vote if You like this idea!

Agree with the mark. Anything else is against the human rights, so to speak. Tough I have no love for such kind of players, they signed no contract, they have the liberty to do whatever they want. To leave when they want. The devs have no right to punish in any way or form the players who didn’t do anything contraire to the rules and term of service.

But receiving that mark is a good idea. I will go further and say should be visible for 2 weeks. Let the other players see and punish such kind of players. The devs won’t do anything about it and they have no right to do it. There is no game in the world to force a player to stay if he doesn’t want to.


Idk… not saying it doesn’t suck… but sh*t happens, and it is a game. Live and learn. Be careful about who you accept into the alliance… playing devil’s advocate, I’d hate for people to be punished for accidentally leaving. Not saying it happens often, but probably enough to make the demerit not worth it. :woman_shrugging:

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Voting for the idea… So many times it happens that player deserts after matchmaking just started, or even worse, during the preparation phase… I don’t care here about human rights, this’s the RPG game, you’re role-playing, you’re not yourself… Desertion mark should last, with a number of deserts, as long as you find (I know, now you can’t, but that’s your problem) alliance that’s gonna accept you with such mark, and number should drop down after each, active, participation in the war… If you have 6 marks, you have to participate in war, actively, 6 times, then it’s going away, no gems can erase it…
Maybe, there’s no contract when you’re joining the alliance, but leaving it after matchmaking started is just awful… I don’t want such players in my alliance, it’s a long game, waiting until the war is over, or opting-out, won’t kill you… I want to know who’s coming… Even if you’re dedicated lvl 1, you’re better than lvl 50 deserter…
There’s cooldown period for Titans, desertion mark makes perfect sense…

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Make the mark removable my the leaders of the alliance you were in.

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@Halifax Then you or your friends, just create an alliance to do exactly that…
Plus so many players have multiple accounts (I know, it’s forbidden, but, yeah, they’re doing it), they can have an alliance only for this…
That wouldn’t work…

Of the Alliance you WERE in, when you left during war. If it was an accident, leaders can remove it. No one else can.

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@Halifax Oh sorry… That’s an actually great idea since that won’t happen, like ever :joy:

You make some confusions here. The devs wouldn’t forbid incoming :grin: You probably read some place that one account per member is supported. It is not the same thing with being forbidden. Only forum multiple accounts are forbidden.

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I just read that something is forbidden :rofl:
Who’s gonna track them what’s forbidden and what’s not, and as long as you’re giving them $$$ from multiple accounts, they’d be happy with that hahaha

Reminds me of something we have here in Minnesota. You get a drunk driving ticket, you get Whiskey Plates. See the link below. Not sure I like the idea for this game.


Interesting story. Was listening to a radio show the other day. Guy said “can you call this girl and find out why she ghosted me? First date was awesome. Second was blah and nothing back.” Her response: I met him at the first date and it was good. Second date, he picked me up and I saw the whiskey plates. I lost respect, went through the date, and never called again.

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Player hat :billed_cap:

Desertion sucks, even if it is an accident.

One reason many people I know on forum, social media, and alliance use the opt out button and refuse to participate in the messy drama known as alliance wars.


Chat mod/ Forum mod/ amateur dev hat :tophat:


Most games have the same rules for game and forum.

The forum does not allow blacklisting, naming and shaming, harassment, insulting players, etc.

This game idea would be counter to these rules.


The forum does not allow discussion of disciplinary action.

This game idea would be counter to these rules.


Trolls could be penalized, but it would not be public.

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Only one thing I don’t agree about is they can delete their punishment so easily.
That shouldn’t be able to delete it personally until they show that they won’t do the same thing again and again and only the alliance leader can delete this member punishment if they see a change.
I think it will be best for people to stay and fight for the alliance they are member of

In this game membership on alliance during war has a very strong influence on war score. I think that comaprision with forum rules has no sense. Because having forum account has no influence on forum prosperity.

I’m playing Guild Wars 2 and when I had to left PvP mode during teamplay I received a block for 30 minutes and I was unable to compete.

Why my alliance have to suffer when somebody left us without word, during war?
Who is more important? One player with his ego or 29 other cooperating players?

How mamy times You’ve been in situation, when somebody left alliance during war?

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Not only that they , they get in the war but they never participate . You Can see Them online but they never reply your msg Then leave in the middle of a war instead of helping their fellow members… what good , moral or honesty is there in this kind of players

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It doesn’t exactly provide an incentive for an offender to behave however. At some stage you just have to expect that most people do the right thing and ask before opting out of AW or just don’t opt in. Seriously, if you cannot field three teams as a minimum, you probably should not take part.

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If people are constantly leaving your alliance, you should ask yourself why?

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Plates for 0.16? Most people can’t follow the road with both eyes open at that level. I just got done for .10 which surprised me but I get a one year licence cancellation, have to start off as a learner again and then have an interlock fitted. I don’t need drunk plates as the police have computer auto scanners for all vehicle plates and can just pick me out anyway. I get a conviction and ten years of harassment.

No, if you read all their terms and conditions you will find that they state the game is supposed to be played with a single account only (believe me I have read them four times at least). They just don’t have the means to enforce the rule.

I read long time ago. Nowhere is stated about being forbidden. “Multiple accounts are not supported”. Which means entirely something else. No one forbids a second account literally. And as far as I know there is no game in the world to forbid a second account or even more.

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