War Deserters

Hi All, as a leader of an alliance which may not be the strongest but we are competitive, we have recently encountered a war deserter which ruined our war for us. I am sure many alliances have had the same thing happen and these deserters seem to get away with no punishment for ruining what would be an enjoyable and competitive war. I have two ideas on how to handle this:

  1. Give the leader of an alliance the power to force a 2 week ban on the deserter from joining another alliance, they will only be able to do this if someone leaves the alliance after the match up is locked in, they can also not kick someone and place a ban it can only be if someone leaves of their own free will with flags left in war. There can even be a warning message to the deserter saying if you leave now the alliance leader will have the power to block you from joining an alliance. In the event that the deserter has already found an alliance then they will be automatically removed from the alliance to serve the punishment bestowed upon them.
  2. This is not as good as the first but still manageable, still give the leader the power to put a black dot over the players icon for a set period of time so that if they do decide to join another alliance at least they have half a chance to kick them before they ruin a war for them.

I think there should be a way to allow leaders a little more in order to protect their alliance, this is just food for thought, there maybe better ideas out there but hey, I would love to know peoples thoughts on this.

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