War Defenses only on for two war attacks, and/or up to 10% higher TP

There are 10 emblem types, so any player will optimally have 10 heroes emblemed up. However war uses 30 heroes (6 attacks of teams of 5) so realistically 4 of those attacks will be unemblemed heroes vs the defenders absolute 5 best maxed out emblemed heroes.

War defenses (WD = field aid / arrow attack / attack boost) are supposed to even things up since a human controlled attacker is always at advantage vs AI defenders. However this disparity is made up for with emblems.

I propose that war defenses are only ON for first 2 attacks, and are OFF for the remaining 4 attacks.


WD will be OFF if the total Team Power (TP) of the defending team is either 10% more than the attacking team, or 500 TP more (since emblems add 5 power each, an emblembed team can be up to 500 higher TP).

It would be easy to implement, simply have an indicator showing if WD are ON or OFF and will be based on the TP of the attacking team vs the defending teams TP (very clearly indicated on the screen just before you confirm whether or not your going to attack).
Example, if attacking with a team thats 3000 TP, defenses will be ON when attacking a team of 3300 TP or below (or 3500 depending on what they decide to go with) but if attacking a team of say 3600 TP with your 3000 TP team, the war defenses will be OFF.
War defenses can only be off a max of 4 times in a war, so you will still have 2 attacks with WD on (if you have only 2 attacks left and strategically planned it so the first 4 were all WD off, then these last two will be ON regardless of TP).

Who says u can only emblem 10 heroes?

Or spread your emblems… :roll_eyes:

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I said OPTIMALLY emblem 10 heroes. Of course you can split your emblems of one type among many, but if all are dumped onto one hero then that hero will be much stronger.

regardless if you spread your emblems out, a defense team is going to be that players 5 best most emblemed up heroes. At best you can have 10 loaded up heroes. The point is to not face WD for all 6 war attacks since emblems add so much to TP

there is something to say about the defense benefit being turned off the there is a major TP differential. If the def has a 2-300 pt advantage it does not need a defense bonus. I come for an alliance that def teams range between 1500 and 4200. The little guys need some encouragement to even take up the clean up roll they don’t need to get blasted by a bonus. There is no def bonus in raiding and the opp dont always lose

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Idk, we’re facing some of the top teams in the game, I’d rather focus on improving as a team than asking the devs to change things to make things easier on us

Just my mindset though

There is a defense & attack bonus in raids btw…


But, does this not work both ways? If your opponent is embleming up their defense surely you are too. This reminds me of the angst over field aid.


If I read this correctly, you are proposing that the WD be turned off for a player after they have used their first 2 flags?

If so, I would have to say ‘No’ as it’s too easy to manipulate. Here’s what I would do:

  1. Flag 1 - use my weakest team
  2. Flag 2 - Use my other weakest team
  3. WD is turned off
  4. Blast the hardest teams on the board with my 4 biggest teams without having to worry about the WD

Too easy to manipulate so wont get my vote. War is war… it’s not supposed to be easy or fair. The object is to identify the obstacles and find a way through them.

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I didn’t read it this way. I understood the OP to assume the first two attacks would be one shots. So reading it that way, the idea should be, the defense gets the war bonus until it has been defeated twice.

If it is literally just the first two attacks (i.e. flags), then definitely this idea should not be considered.

Edit: going back and reading it again, I do see it the way you laid it out. I agree, it seems too easy to abuse.