War defense team

How do you change your war defense team??

You have 24 hours in prep to change it…you cant change it now, that war is on…

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Understood. Thanks
That makes sense

Further to that, during the prep time, go to the battlefield and you will see and Edit option when you click on yourself.

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And check your troops during that set up time as well. They aren’t upgraded automatically. Also make sure you go through EVERY hero in your roster and make sure you have the best troops.

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Have a friend that is trying to join for war. But where it says defense team… it’s not highlighted. The matchmaking process hasn’t started yet. Help please…

@Kerridoc please help. I know you will have the answer.

Sorry, was sleeping. Is your ally participating in the war? If so, they should have a screen like this:

Then go to the battlefield, where there should be an option to edit the defense (big blue button along the bottom).



Thanks pal… he is good now. It actually put him in the war. His game must of been glitched out or something. It eventually fixed itself. Sorry for the late response. I forgot to come back and reply. Thank again man…

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I love that alliance score… just saying. So so awesome.

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