War Defense team suggestions ( Experts )!

Hello guys

I would like to know which of these following heroes would be good to set my defense war later with :

  • Melendor ( Talented ) pwr 663
  • Boldtusk ( Talented ) pwr 674
  • Jack O’hare ( Un-Talented ) pwr 648
  • sonya ( Talented ) pwr 673
  • Chao ( Talented ) pwr 652
  • Cyberia ( un-Talented ) pwr 642
  • Tiburtos ( Talented ) pwr 669
  • Wilbur ( un-Talented ) pwr 549 still in progress
  • Agwe ( un-Talented ) pwr 498 still in progress

All are fully ascends except ( Wilbur & Agwe )

Need your help <3

Boldtusk or sonya at tank, tibertus and chao flank, melendor wing - your top row is your best bet, tank depends on what color your team uses as common tank

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So once i put Sonya as a tank , should i make Bt & Mel as a wing right ?

I’d do this:
Chao - Sonya - Boldtusk - Tiburtus - Jack O’Hare

Ideally, left-to-right, Sonya dispels buffs/counters before Tiburtus hits; and Jack on the far right since he’s most fragile, but hits hard.

EDIT: My strategy is… two healers is too many healers. :slight_smile:


If non tank color specific:

Mel - Sonya - Chao - BT - Sabina

This would most likely be only effective for war as you don’t have enough DPS heroes.

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Awesome! I used this strategy a month ago with Cyprian except Tiburtus wasn’t fully ascent at all.

Will give a try

Still have Kiril & Sabina. Unfortunately didn’t work them yet.

Gonna start ascent them soon :raised_hands:t3:

At wars… it is not “who”… it is about how (how you, and how your allies) put the defenses in order to desactivate the remaining attacks of the rival team.

Melendor - Sonya - Boldtusk - Tiburtus - Chao

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