War defense team setup

Assuming that I can put 7 emblems on Scarlett and 9 on Boril how would you setup my defense team. I was thinking of putting Boril in a tank and switching Wilbur with Scarlett and Caedmon with Melondor.

Caedmon Scarlett Boril Drake Seshat

Once Drake is maxed:
Caedmon Kiril Drake Seshat Scarlett

So my advice is don’t give Boril emblems.


Depends on what level wars you’re fighting, of course. We fight alliances with a lot of 4k+ teams. Several of our mid-range teams have had a lot of luck with a Boril/Wilbur combination. Throwing Kash in the mix makes it tougher.

Any combination of those work well together, so you can move them around to work with a unified tank color. Just a thought.


What is my best defense team with these guys? Drake will be leveled with 3 emblems probably tomorrow. I have Mitsuko and Magni which I plan on putting in eventually but I need 1 more scope and rings besides the ones from the next rare quest.

So I’ve done some more leveling. What is the best order for these heroes? I use Melondor for wars and Caedmon or Proteus for my regular defense team. I’m going to be able to put 6 nodes on Magni when he is finished. I have 4 tonics now but am going to wait on a green 5*. I’ll do some pulls for Christmas but am stockpiling my gems for January when Zeline should be available plus Kunchen, Vela and Atlantis 5*s that I don’t have. I also have Seshat at 3.70 but need 3 more tabards.

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