War defense team giving negative points for every hit it survives

Hi team,

I would like to see war defense team scoring points to home alliance or reducing opponents score everytime the defense team survives the attack.
Currently I see it’s in favour of offensive teams. So ideally if I set my defense it is done I can’t do anything. Even if the team is strong only flags as being used, however if offensive team takes out the defense team it gets bonus. How fair it is.
So to balance it out , I think giving points for every survival is vital (or reducing from opponents score)

Novel idea. But having bad boards at the onset, isn’t it punishment enough already, especially if the player was not able to recover from bad boards, possibly scoring a zero. That shame itself and the cause of guffaw to the alliance members for me is already punishment enough.

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I agree with your point, but why to give bonus for successful clear

The defense teams already have a bonus in form of field aid, arrows, or attack boost or whatever it’s called.

But as we all know the mana generation is reduced for defense team

Is it? That’s actually news to me.

I remember reading it somewhere

Different, but likely be quite problematic.

There are enough issues with team strength balancing between alliance war opponents as it is. So if an alliance has a few weak members and it’s matched to a powerful alliance, then any failed attack would strengthen the powerful alliance. This seems to give powerful alliances more of an advantage than they already have previously.

As it is, the points system is really representative of a health bar. By wanting negative points it would also seem to necessitate (1) a healed team stays healed; and (2) any resurrected hero is kept on the team.

Example: lone Alberich in the corner almost dead. Can’t get that single tile needed to kill him. Then he fires his special and his entire team resurrects. Next attacker… has to take them all down again.

If you just don’t want bonus points proportion of the calculation, then that’s a different proposition.

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By reason that the attacker was able to overcome a lot of hurdles in wiping out an uninjured enemy team despite of the war modifier (field aid, attack boost and arrow attack, including the +20% additional defensive stats of the defending heroes.

I totally agree on matchmaking should be sorted out properly. But once it’s done, we get properly matched alliances for war. And mostly matchmaking depends on current war score. So if one alliance is winning war it means it’s strong enough to take up higher opponents. So I don’t see any undue advantage here by giving negative points.

So let’s say one defense team was successful in surviving a flag with very minimum health left and one of the weakest opponent team takes it out. So why should that team get bonus for doing almost nothing. If u take out the team in first attempt bonus is valid but not on second third or many more to come. So don’t you think this change can change the way we play alliance wars

The bonus points is already there calculated and distributed to various teams. You can check this by tapping on any team in the battlefield and you wil the total max possible points to be obtained from that team. Bonus points are totally credited if you wiped out that team and partially credited if you failed to clear it up.

But that’s the point here, why should you get bonus points for clearing during second or third flags. Bonus points should be given to a hit if and only if it’s cleared in the first attempt

That is your idea. Never in the game. Again, the advertised max bonus points is given to the player/s who managed to wipe out that enemy team being targetted, a fraction of which given to the previous attacker/s who failed to wipe such team while the successful attacker who managed to clean it up gets the remaining bonus points.

The main question is, why would you give bonus to a passive play in defense when all you did was nothing but just placed heroes on their places? It’s like raiding where some players want to have something in return for a successful defense in raid, not contented with the trophy left behind by the attacker. Bonus should, either in real life or in the game, be rewarded to those who make an effort of earning such bonus. What you are proposing is a way to reward laziness. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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This conversation brought something else to mind… why does a “timed out” attack give the win to the opposition? If I can hold my own for that long, why shouldn’t I get the win?

Coming back to your example, if I go ahead and raid a team and lose, obviously the team I lost aginst will get trophies, and even i lose trophies

I agree…very good point

That was raid. No trophy is involved in alliance wars. Again, what you are proposing is to reward passive or lazy play where no effort is being made on the part of the defense since it is the A.I. that takes over in the defense, unlike in attacking in wars where the attacking players needs to overcome the +20% defensive bonus of the defense and the war modifier (field aid, boost attack or arrow attack) while meticulously selecting their best heroes for attacking and manipulating the boards to gain mana for the heroes or killing or injuring the defensive heroes.

And for that, I wont vote on this. Time for me to mute this thread. Good luck.

No issues, it was just my opinion and your have given your opinion.

Last ditch effort on this thread.

To answer this, it is to simply require the attacker to kill of all the 5 defending heroes from the opposing team. If there is no timer, then how would you score it when the attacker never move a tile because he was distracted by something else or that he is facing a bad board. When attacking, your purpose is to gain trophies or points for the alliance. Failing to do that within the allotted time should not net a reward. Good thing is, in alliance war, you can get a single point for making the health of the defending heroes get reduced, or a zero for failing to even make a dent on them.