War defense team different from regular defense team

Hi Everyone: wonder if someone can answer a question. My defense team set up is Alberich ascend 4 level 11 @ 679, Khagan ascend 3 level 58 @ 641, Domitia ascend 3 level 57 @ 640 , Isarnia ascend 4 level 9 @ 668 and Joon ascend 3 level 59 @ 639 for a total team power of 3490. However when I go into my alliance war defense team Joon and Isarnia have been swapped for Sonya ascend 4 level 70 @ 643 and G. Jackal ascend 4 level 20 for a total team power of 3402. This was my set up a few months ago before I got the yellow and blue 5 star and leveled them up.
Any idea why the 2 teams are not the same ?
Am I missing something painfully obvioous in updating my alliance war team ?

thanks in advance and first post so please be gentle if it all my mistake


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War Defense and Raid Defense are two separate teams. You can set each however you’d like.

Any time there isn’t a live War going on, there’s a button in the War tab to edit your defense team for War.

thank you, that would explain why I cant see it now.
I will adjust after this current event


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You’re welcome! I was trying to find a screenshot to show where it shows up, but I think you’ll find it once you know you’re looking for it next time. :slight_smile:

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