War Defense Team Advice

I’ve recently got Karshhak in a summon and as I always find him annoying to fight in raids I thought I might try and get him in to my defense lineup

My idea is:

Chao 3rd acention lvl36- Little John 3rd ascention lvl1 - Boldtusk full lvl - Karshhak 1/lvl1 so far - Quintus 2 lvl 60

Chao does damage to a single enemy and Little John does damage and reduce mana increase to all enemies, Boldtusk heals and buffs attack, Karshhak heals and buffs Little John’s resistance to fire and Quintus slowly builds up an attack on all enemys.

Does it seem like a good plan for the heroes I have?

My other options are Bane full lvl, Valen full lvl, Berden full lvl, Balthazar 3rd ascention lvl47, Nashgar full, Colen 2nd ascention lvl 22

Kash only buffs adjacents heros, so little john won’t be buffed.

I would focus in little John instead of Kash, Kash is very good up to mid platinum tier, for end game it’s not very good.

Ah yes I did see that actually, I just didn’t want two greens next to each other, which kind of defeats the point haha.

I’m only on around 1300 cups. Mainly trying to figure a team to put up on war defense that would be annoying and make the opposition use up a lot of flags.

Last war my team took 11 attacks before being killed, not sure why they had so much trouble!

Thanks for the reply

For that level kash annoys a lot. As BT is a very good tank i think you don’t need kash(as he is a tank only hero) BT is better all around and Little John is better at wings and is usable in differents things.

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